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Re: <nettime> Handoko Suwono: Facebook paves its way to IPO

The Facebook corporation invested significant resources in attracting
hapless individuals with no life to speak of to "interact" with each other
by punching keyboards and watching the screen, while conveniently getting
exposed to advertising.

This provided the said individuals with certain purpose and meaning of
life. If they spend, on average, 15 minutes per day on Facebook, that's
1.6% of their waking life. I think that 1.6% of purpose for existence is
worth something, and as you didn't pay for it, there are absolutely no
ethical nor moral grounds to complain about Facebook monetizing its
service. You franchised your 1.6% of the purpose, you need to pay the
franchise license. In some way.

Looking the other way, 1.6% of 65 million active users is about 1 million.
This is fantastic - Facebook provides 1 million full-fledged meanings of
life! I cannot think of a comparable entity that does this today, save
certain religions in certain parts of Texas and Utah. And they charge far

If this was too indirect, let me spell it out - if you are so pathetic that
a web site has any significance in your life, then you should be exploited
to the hilt, in the hope that you'll fail to procreate and eventually leave
the gene pool.

>In short, actually we the facebook users are working for the company or
>its owner by getting more friends acquainted and accounted as new
>recruited facebook users.

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