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Re: <nettime> Political Work in the Aftermath of the New Media Arts Crisis

On Sunday, May 17 2009, 10:59 (+0200), florian cramer wrote:

>If I take, for example, the subjects of the last nine transmediale
>festivals ("Do It Yourself", "Go Public", "Play Global", "Fly
>Utopia", "Basics", "Reality Addicts", "Unfinish", "Conspire", "Deep
>North"), they could just as well have been the names of contemporary
>art exhibitions at PS.1 in New York, KW in Berlin, Witte de With in
>Rotterdam, or any other contemporary art space.

but it wasnt like that cause it was happening ONLY in a festival     .
<ghetto> situation                                                   .

as I see it, many art people are not going to events like
transmediale, cause its not seen as an important place for art. I dont
go, besides when we are actively part of it.

looks like media art is not sexy enough. the exhibits, as part of
festivals, are often too prudish. everything sensual seems forbidden,

too often it s needs written explanations to understand the
(political) work.

I do not believe - and I say that as an artist- that the written word
is necessary to <understand> a piece of can help and make
details transparent, but its not necessary in advance.

my own experience with Station Rose media art projects-like recently
LogInCabin in MAK Vienna- is : they are recognized & seen in art
spaces, museums by the art scene, but not as much in a so called media
art context as festivals are.

basically my impression is that as long as a dicussion like that one
goes on, it makes clear that the art world is something and the media
art scene is out of it.

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