Arthur Clay on Sun, 24 May 2009 18:57:10 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> New Media art

Much of the writing that I have been reading seems to be reflecting  
back on something that has definitely past. In any case, there seems  
to be a feeling of nostalgia that permeates through out all of it.  
Whether New Media survives as an art form, whether the departments  
supporting it will exist, or whether galleries will accept it as part  
of or not part of a fine arts movements, is to me of less importance  
than the absence of a feeling that one is doing something of personal  
value and something that triggers a spark in the social network around  
us. Could one compare New Media’s present situation to the difference  
between late Coltrane versus late Michael Jackson? Legacy versus flop.  
Basically I feel that New Media is dissolving itself into a greater  
field, just as artificial intelligence has brought new fields of  
research, which have become more important than the earlier goals that  
AI set.  New Media is being usurped into the area of Mixed Media and  
this is due not only because Mixed Media frees an artist up and is  
more relevant to the pedagogical interests of an art institute, but  
just because, as with AI, other areas of research have appeared into  
the arts schools curriculum and are better defined. Departments such  
as “Interactive Design”, “Media Informatics”, etc seem to accommodate  
student profiles better. Also, there is some application to industry  
needs that just might provide the outside funding, which seems to  
elude the New Media Departments of today. Welcome to the graveyard.


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