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Re: <nettime> best mayday wishes to Turkey

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re all,

On Fri, May 01, 2009 at 08:48:33AM +0200, Alex Foti wrote:
> A mondo mayday of transnational solidarity,

The May Day  is also the anniversary of  the Taksim Square massacre[1]
in  1977, when  extreme  right wing  snipers  opened fire  on May  Day
demonstrators in Istanbul, killing 34 people.

Just a few days ago the Turkish parliament passed a law making May 1 a
national  holiday again.  It was  taken  off the  public holiday  list
following a military coup in 1980.

Still, there is very little coverage  on the media about this news and
what is happening in Istanbul  today: an unnatural silence, while even
the Istanbul  Indymedia website has been defaced[2]  by some religious

It  seems that protests  in Turkey  are cut  out from  media coverage,
while several  social networking websites are  unreachable from within
the country.  A recent  article "Deepening Crisis, Growing Resistance:
Workers in Turkey"[3]  gives a good overview on  the situation and the
plans for  this 1st  may, while  the following press  agency is  all I
could find so far about today's riots:

   ISTANBUL (AFP)âSeveral  hundred May Day  demonstrators clashed with
   police in central Istanbul Friday in battles which saw water cannon
   fired and  several arrests made.  Turkish riot police  staged three
   charges against hundreds of  demonstrators in the Sisli district of
   the  city who  had hurled  rocks at  security forces,  according to
   correspondents at  the scene. Several thousand union  and left wing
   activists took part in the annual protest.


[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taksim_Square_massacre

[2] http://istanbul.indymedia.org

[3] http://mrzine.monthlyreview.org/buglalilar270409.html

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