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<nettime> R: [Euromayday] best mayday wishes (and oh yeah, i have a book out)

Stream video from milano mayday: www.mogulus.com/euromaydaymilano

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Oggetto: [Euromayday] best mayday wishes (and oh yeah, i have a book out)
Da: Alex Foti <alex.foti@gmail.com>
Data: 01-05-2009 08:48

Dear sisters and comrades,

may the mayday force be be with you: let's make'em pay for the crisis!

i seize on the occasion provided by our common day of struggle and
agitation, to let you know Agenzia X has just released my book (1/3 of
the text is in english, rest in italian):

Anarchy in the EU: pink, black, green movements in the Great Recession

You can:

i) buy it heavily discounted at the milano mayday: we'll sell it from
the NO OIL section of the parade
(http://playground.noblogs.org/post/2009/04/28/no-oil-mayaday) where
no precarity activists from tokyo, vienna, luzern will cheer on a
mondo mayday of pedestrians, bikes, solar-powered, radio-diffused

ii) buy it from agenzia x, by sending a request to press@agenziax.it
(it's 16 euros plus shipping)

iii) buy it from italian online and offline bookstores (copies should
be available this week)

iv) get the pdf, by sending me an e-mail message (you won't get the
wondrous color stickers designed by Zoe Romano, tho)

A mondo mayday of transnational solidarity,

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