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Re: <nettime> Ippolita Collective: The Dark Side of Google (Chapter 2, second part)

Il giorno 18/mar/09, alle ore 20:01, Florian Cramer ha scritto:

> Sorry to be negative, Patrice, but so far I haven't read really
> any deep-reaching critical analysis of Google [above all, its user
> tracking and data-mining trade secrets, its questionable claims to
> objectivity in tuning search results as discussed here on Nettime,
> etc.], but only an accumulation of the standard newspaper trivia on
> the company.

Hi Florian,
sorry I do not want to feed polemicas, but:
Ippolita's network did an impressive work as a distributed team,  
elaborating this project through web collaborative tools. They  
provided a critical voice about Google monopolization of the  
netscape, and were able to publish it through a major publisher  in a  
particularly  backward country, subject to the mainstream media  
domination, as italy. As long as i know, they did all this on a  
voluntary basis, nor for personal advancement of  academic careers  
neither with any istitutional support.
Patrice himself is doing a praiseworthy effort voluntarily,  for the  
sake of collective reflection...
I am sure that deeper-reaching analysis are needed, as well as  
further discussion, but I really don't see the pointi of such a  
smobish criticism... instead, let's integrate or discuss what  
Ippolita propose with a more constructive contribution, for instance,  
trying to make available the discussion on Nettime to a wider public,  
or providing integration to their work, instead of simply dismissing  


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