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*>>> Rome, Once Again, again the Wave! *

*18th March, Generalization of the Strike! **These days after
different and spreading actions, the anomalous wave is back and
it?s even more angry! * The demonstration against the chancellor
Frati at La Sapienza in Rome took place yesterday to condemn the
denounce of 40 students acted by the ?rampant baron?: another
attack at the right of dissent that aims to criminalize students
and researchers. During the last week police charged students of
Milano, Padova, Cagliari and Torino who were contesting university
government, fascists groups and education?s law. This is the
answer of governement and academy to students mobilizations.
*But the Wave is not dead, the Wave is not a memory of youth,
the Wave is alive and doesn?t want to stop, the Wave makes fear!

* Communiqu? of LaSapienza*: The Wave cannot be stopped
id=53> * *

>>> In Finland, Friday 13 March 2009 was a national day of action
against the new University Act. There were bigger and smaller
demonstrations, discussion meetings and occupations at least in
Helsinki, Jyv??skyl??, Joensuu, Oulu and Tampere.


The Finnish Parliament will decide about the law proposal during the
spring. Among the university staff and students, there is a strong
opposition to the new law - but this opposition has been ignored until
now. Only recently, since Opiskelijatoiminta began organizing protests
against the law, the critical discussions about the transformations
of the university have started to gain more publicity.*
Itemid=53> *

* >>> Constitutive on the "International Day of Action against the
Commercialization of Education" on Nov.5th 2008, the International
Students Movement is calling for a Global Week of Action in April 2009
(20/04 ? 29/04).*

We are a loose network of various progressive (student) groups
from close to 30 countries on 5 continents. What unites us is the
struggle against the increasing commercialization of education
and for emancipating public education accessible to all members
of society. More and more groups realize that forces responsible
for this development ? the privatisation and commodification of
education (like many other aspects of life) ? function globally. And
we can only effectively counter them, if we unite in our struggle.*

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