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<nettime> reports of Winter Camp 09

Dear Nettimers,

last Saturday night we closed the five days Winter Camp 09 event. Our  
Institute of Network Cultures invited 12 networks to come to Amsterdam  
to work on their issues. It was an amazing and intense experience.  
Most blog reports have now been posted onto the INC site.  Of course  
you can also find material on the websites of the groups: Blender,  
Dyne, Creative Labour, MyCreativity, GOTO10, Gender Changers,  
Microvolunteers, EduFactory, Floss Manuals, Upgrade, Bricolabs and  

25 video interviews that have been recorded and will become online  
around April 1. The shooting and editing is done by Gerbrand  

Here is the central site for the blog reports:

The so-called Meta-Group wrote three reflective texts during the week.
You can find them listed here, with the blog postings:

O'Reilly's Andy Oram was blogging from Winter Camp:

Pictures of the event on Flickr you can find here:

Ciao, Geert

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