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<nettime> Fw: US Citizen Grants

anyone interested?

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Sent: Tuesday, January 27, 2009 5:14 PM
Subject: US Citizen Grants

> What a nice day is today! It is really a nice day, because you are 
> receiving this email. We are here to help thousands of people to receive 
> their Government Grants program and improve their ways of living.
> Here, finally, is your opportunity - exactly how to apply for Government 
> grants and what to say, step-by-step AND SEE IF YOU QUALIFY FOR A PIECE OF 
> Government grant agencies to thousands of regular people just like you. It 
> doesn't matter if you are a male or a female, rich or poor, married or 
> single, young or old, black or white, employed or unemployed or whatever. 
> To make a long story short, virtually anyone can get their hands on money 
> from the Government. And most of the money is awarded interest-free. So, 
> unlike a bank loan, you won't see interest charges eating away at your 
> obligations.
> Better yet, there are at least 200 perfectly legal ways to get Uncle Sam 
> to give you money when you need it most, and you'll ONLY pay back the 
> money you receive. Believe it or not, thousands of Americans have now 
> started to realise that the U.S. Government can be their friend.
> To join our program, send an answer to saying 
> that you want to participate, and we will get back to you immediately with 
> our proposal, so you can start in no time.
> If you think this email is unwanted for you, please excuse us and just 
> don't reply, but you will miss the chance of your life as this offer is a 
> sincere one, risk-free, and particularly you cannot loose anything if you 
> try it! Hurry as the offer is very limited and only the quickest will be 
> the lucky ones!
> Respect,
> American Government Money program 

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