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<nettime> Infoactivism issues...

Some blog posts from info-activism campaigners...

Info activism, a crucial part of human rights advocacy -- Kristin Joy Antin

People's video is still the effective tool -- Jola Diones Mamangun
(The Philippines)

There's so much of information ... -- Jessica Dheere, Beirut

Wikileaks is the absolute most important project on the globe -- Jacob Appelbaum

Info-activism can help people to make informed judgements -- Elizabeth Eagen

Fighting prejudice against sex-workers -- Chan Man Wai  (HK, SAR)

It helps to bring the information across -- Aung Myo Thein (Burma/Myanmar)

Knowing you can help will make people want to help -- Ana Keselashvili, Georgia

We need cheaper mobile communications for learners -- Joy Oliver, South Africa

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