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Responsibilities Include

    * In collaboration with the director, deputy director,
curators and artists, plan, design and implement exhibitions
    * Generate materials and labor cost estimates based upon
exhibition plans
    * Devise exhibition and project schedules, including
artist's involvement in installation
    * Arrange scheduling, materials, technical needs and
staffing for installation and de-installation periods
    * Recruit, train, retain and supervise diverse on-call
installation staff
    * Manage fiscal and human resources related to
purchasing and staffing
    * Oversee organization of gallery storage and back room
    * Supervise and facilitate installation of exhibitions
and site-specific works in gallery spaces on SF campus, as
well as any off-site or special projects
    * Assign, schedule and supervise on-call technicians in
the completion of exhibition installations and special
    * Collaborate with visiting artists, curators, and other
members of the artistic community on assigned projects and
exhibition-related activities
    * Instruct on-call technicians on proper installation
techniques and procedures
    * Maintain/order supplies and tools for installations
and gallery maintenance
    * In collaboration with on-call technicians and
Institute staff, prepare, hang, install and de-install works
of art utilizing proper handling and security techniques
    * Paint and/or construct walls, pedestals, boxes,
fixtures and other finished structures for the installation
and display of works of art
    * Source estimates and arrange production for equipment,
vitrines, pedestals, framing and general production needs
for artist's works
    * Install or hang signage for all exhibitions and
organizational needs
    * Assist on lighting design and install lighting for all
exhibitions and projects
    * Regularly inspect gallery spaces to make sure
galleries are well maintained and that all elements of the
exhibition are in working order
    * Regularly monitor environmental controls, air vents,
and the alarm systems in all galleries
    * Regularly monitor and maintain security systems
    * Brief Institute staff and gallery sitters on the
correct way to turn on/off all exhibition equipment, and
prepare list of instructions for gallery sitters to use in
his/her absence
    * Maintain up-to-date inventory of all equipment owned
by the Institute
    * Supervise and arrange artwork collections, including
transport and labor
    * Work with various Institute staff to coordinate
shipping and insurance for works presented in exhibitions
and projects
    * Assist with resident artists in the
fulfillment of residency objectives particularly the
creation of new artwork.
    * Devise and collate floor plans for exhibitions,
gallery spaces and Institute designated areas
    * Maintain list of suppliers and exhibition contacts
    * Act as liaison with Health and Safety to confirm that
exhibition installation and artist works conform to Health
and Safety standards, including Fire and Earthquake
    * Additional duties as required
    * **NOTE: Must be available to work flexible hours
including Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings (9am to
1pm); full-time over installation periods; the Sunday/Monday
before first Tuesdays of each month; and on-call when


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