Patrice Riemens on Mon, 5 May 2008 10:16:52 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Making a Killing from Hunger

Hehehe Brian,

Of course I was having another of my little 'theoretical' fits when
reacting to yr. mail, no harm intended.

Yet I did intend to serve some useful discussion purposes with that
rejoinder. Which you largely picked up (and thank you for pointing to
these excellent FT maps).

To clarify a few points:

The conspiracy theory I alluded to resided not in any separate point,
but in their combination. Also I think that the 'endocolonialist'
(aka 'biopolitical') explanation of current capitalist development
is very true, but has exhausted its mileage, as far as a solution is

The same holds for the call for regulation and intervention. It is
entirely true that it would work better than laissez-fairew, but it
is equally true that it simply is not going to happen (otherwise than
piecemeal, localised, opportunistically, and in the end inefectively).
I think we must look beyond, and much deeper than that. It is what
I call trying to address by 'parliamentary' means (ie in classic
political fashion) what is not a 'parliamentary' political problem.
And as for food security/ food sovereignity: one of the most succesful
manifestation I know was the old Swiss agricultural policy (it even
'securised' the avaibility of table wine!), but it was very costly,
and very interventionist - and I am not speaking of the police barging
into your home to check on your compulsory foodstuf reserves.

On one hand, since the total victory of the Thatcher-Reagan doctrine
intervention for the _common_ good ("there is no such thing as
society") has flown out of the window. On the other, corporations,
their interests, the mindset of their keepers, and their way of
organising, and hence viewing things, have completely taken over.
Until and unless both problems are addressed - and that is by an other
(I don't know which!) entity than "we", there will be no exit from the
present nightmare.

Looks a bit like "Matrix" I guess. Sorry for that.

(still no) Cheers, patrizio and Diiiinooos!

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