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Re: <nettime> Guant?namo in Germany

hi florian:

thanks for your thoughtful comments.

Am quite aware of both the items you raise. and agree. our proposition
is NOT that this is a post-september 11 01 development. On the
contrary --and i wrote a long book about this most recently..:)

We did not elaborate at great length in this, a short piece aimed
at a broad audience. our aim was not to persuade/alert those who
already have a critical stance towards most states. It was, rather
to persuade/alert those who maintain things are ok with our liberal
states. This was our audience: to them we said: there is a shift
from a "liberal" state (whatever exactly that means historically
speaking!) striving to be liberal to one striving to control. ((and
in my analysis this shift takes off in the 1980s --see ch 4 in my new

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