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<nettime> migrant selling pirate cds killed by police in greece

A few weeks ago, an underage immigrant falls from the balcony during
a police raid in a neighborhood of France. The policy of Sarkozy,
the policy of Karamanlis, the policy of fortress Europe. Each year
thousands of young people, whose only "crime" is that they search for
a better life, find a horrible death.

Characteristic examples of this policy are the minefields of Evros and
the new migrant detention prisons, the absolute rejection of political
asylum applications, the fact that migrants are held in a condition
of hostage, which prohibits them from any labour or social claim.
The terrorising conditions in which these people are condemned to
live, lead them to actions of despair. The police is not the moral
perpetrator, but the device of a system that condemns all the workers
to live under the regime of terrorism.

The police headquarters not only deny the presence of police officers
at the specific time in the cafe, but also have made nothing for the
arrest of perpetrators. Where is the draft sketch of the perpetrators?
Tens of witnesses exist that saw the two perpetrators move away as
if nothing happened. All the shopkeepers of Kalamaria know them, but
police don?t?

Our unspeakable indignation, the rage that overflows will become a
wave against each attempt of the crime?s cover-up, against state?s
racist savagery. Those who attack immigrants will have to know that
they do not have only the Nigerian community opposite them, but all
the immigrants and Greeks that fight for the human rights.

We ask: * Direct arrest of the perpetrators * Attribution of
responsibilities to the police for NOT arresting the perpetrators *
Direct publication of the pending residence permits for his relatives
so that they return decently to Nigeria for the funeral * The cost of
the dead body transport to Nigeria to be undertaken by the Greek state
* Unconditional Legalisation of all immigrants.

Nigerian Community Migrants Forum (migrants Forum of Thessaloniki
<emfoth@gmail.com> ) Antiracist Initiative of Thessaloniki
(antiratsistiki@lycos.com, www.socialcenter.gr)

-------- See also http://athens.indymedia.org/?lang=en ------------

A demo already took place on Monday at Kalamaria, with the
participation of more than 500 people from the Nigerian community,
the migrants forum, as well as from antiracist initiative and
antiauthoritarian groups.

A second demo took place today, Tuesday, called by antiauthoritarian
groups, and the protests have been announced to go on the following

-----Yana Chouvarda Antiracist Initiative of Thessaloniki, Greece

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