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<nettime> Deuteronomy and The Godlove Museum

Dear friends, fans and colleagues,

As you probably know, we have been concentrating on other things than  
websites lately. But rather than letting this transition go by  
silently, we decided to end it all with a spectacle. We invite you to  
witness the glorious defeat of the beautiful net.dream in the final  
chapter of The Godlove Museum: Deuteronomy. It's not a happy tale - 
Moses dies in the end. But we hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

Over the years, every generation of technological "progress" has been  
another blow in the destruction of older web-based art pieces. So  
much so that the first chapters of The Godlove Museum didn't work at  
all in contemporary browsers. We have fixed this problem now by  
recreating the whole Godlove Museum and making it available as a  
standalone application that does not require a browser to run.

The original Godlove Museum files are still intact at their original  
location. But they can now be reached through a spectacular new  
interface that puts each chapter in its historical context. We also  
like to think of it as the Entropy8Zuper! Retrospective.

The creation of Deuteronomy and the restoration of The Godlove Museum  
were supported by the Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds.

The press release concerning this launch can be found here:

We hope you enjoy our work.
Let us know if you do (or don't for that matter).

Auriea Harvey & Michaël Samyn.

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