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<nettime> The promise of the commons

New online journal Re-public <http://www.has/> has just published
the first part of its special issue " The promise of the commons
<http://www.re-public.gr/en> ". The issue explores the openings that
the concept of the 'commons' presents for democratic theory and
practice . Articles include:

Richard Stallman - The free software movement

Free software changes the way value is produced, argues Richard
Stallman, because the business or worker can make the software do what
he or she wants it to do


Douglas Rushkoff - Commons: Creating an alternative value system

How possible is it for us to create value for one another without the
intervention of government or corporate interests?


Michel Bauwens - Peer production, peer governance, peer property

Our current political economy is based on the fundamental mistake that
that natural resources are unlimited, points Michel Bauwens. In a
P2P-based society, this situation is reversed...


Christopher May - Openness, the knowledge commons and the critique    
of intellectual property <http://www.re-public.gr/en/?p=88> 

The rediscovery of 'openness' marks the end of a period when          
intellectual property seemed to be the dominant paradigm for          
understanding how knowledge and information might fit into the        
contemporary information society, says Christopher May.               


Christos Bouras and Vagelis Kapoulas - Digital commons

Christos Bouras and Vagelis Kapoulas analyse the extent to with the
idea of common ownership has been imprinted in the digital age.


All articles of Re-public are published with a Creative Commons license and can be re-printed freely, by acknowledging their source. 

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