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Re: <nettime> Sodom Blogging - "Alternative porn" and aesthetic

> But, to use a German proverb, those artists were
> rather the exceptions that prove the rule.

hach exceptio probat regulam in casibus non exceptis..btw being just a latin
law derived it's interresting to find it as beer, coined adage by all
country. but even if the beer was antic egyptian invention or something it's
probably the first real global product..in bejin you find mao beer as well,
probably the orig & best of the world when it's in your glass, you dont care
of anything else except perhaps speaking about its froth & bubbles &
freshness for increasing your pleasure

> It just seemed to me that the claims of an "alternative",
> "independent" or even "artistic, political and all-inclusive"
> pornography needed some critical attention.

sure pornography is also a global product & the best & successful one is
haaa souvenir souvenir yeah it's more gratifying to link it to postramones &
prefeminist west enluminures..but take care you are not testing new dialogue 
for the next borat's mouviez

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