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Re: <nettime> Sodom Blogging - "Alternative porn" and aesthetic

<<But punk, thus dressed up as leftist radicalism, disowned its roots
in fetishism, or rather displayed its other side, traced already in
the late 1970s' rivalry between punk and disco by Spike Lee's movie
"Summer of Sam", with punk culture - dominated by heterosexual white
men - nursing its resentments of the poly-sexual, gay-dominated and
multi-ethnic disco culture.>>

Um, in "Summer of Sam," emerging punk cultures are presented as far
more queer, and fetishistic, than (wog) disco culture - while the
latter are presented as subject to internalised sexual repression and
het norms. Indeed, the film culminates in the bashing of the queer
punk character.

True, disco was overall indeed less white than punk, but that hardly
means that there was always a connection between disco culture*s*, or
that certain disco cultures were less white. I'm not sure it's true to
say that gay bars which played disco tended to be less white than punk
venues, or indeed less male-dominated.

Anyway, there were all-women 'punk' - or 'post-punk' - bands such as
Malaria which were also, in a kind of electroclash way, disco bands.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=379KlQZ3fBM (Think also Grace Jones -
hardly conventional disco.)


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