John Young on Mon, 12 Jun 2006 23:47:19 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> nettime as idea

Who has resisted the easy blaming of one's familiars when
rejected or defeated by the world. Come home from a bad
day being kicked by the boss to kick the dog, the kids, the
cowering mate, reign dictatorially for a moment recounting
shopworn grievances against those boringly dominatable by
recitation of what went wrongs years ago, to avoid remembering
the insults heaped today.

Yes, blame your parents, your college, your professors, your
students, your one-time best friends for letting you down after
setting you up with barely deserved praise. Woe, whoa, now,
get off your ass, forgo raging at the tube, the party in power,
the dimbulb who got the job purpose-built for you, and go
for a run, working a day or week or month for something other
than your idiot ambition to be somebody.

Being somebody was merely a drug fed to you to get you
past suicidal adolescence and certainty of worthlessness,
to get you into and out of military service, the university,
the years plugging away at a dying profession battling
the communists or the capitalists or the environmental
depredators, or white males, or anybody else not telling
you what a loss for humanity you display. If only you'd
been this or that, the voices tell you day in and day out,
if your delivery was even slightly approximate to your
promise, and by the way how about paying the money
you owe me, the love you now withhold as if it never
stank of cruelty and deception.

Finally, get up on soapbox for the unwashed, preferrably 
somebody else's, yours ineptly constructed collapsed 
years ago, and orate the narcissistic heathens like yourself. 

CIA/MI6/BND/KGB got your number with that narcotic of 
cheap-ticket piddling egotism. Soros the bagman, following 
Ford, Rockefeller, shit, even the filthy cold war armaments
enriched Yerps.

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