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<nettime> france; dadvsi code legislation + 'percariat' meeting- amongst the rebellion, bridges or distractions ?

amongst the teargas, http://www.libcom.org/blog
 a couple of 'bridges' for broadening struggle or distractions perhaps ...

Euromayday] Dadvsi Code Terrorists
cedric cedric at blablaxpress.org
Fri Mar 24 13:57:36 CET 2006

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Hi all,

i know this subject has been kind of drowned under the CPE, but the
DADVSI law that just passed in France (EUCD  directive transcription) is
kind of a nightmare for any p2p/copyleft/freesoftware user. It is too
long of a debate to be summarized here, so i'll just attach some nice
little images of this brand new terrorist class.

by the way, does anybody have contacts with Piratpartiet in sweden? and
are they linked to PirateBay.org?

Proud to be precarious !?
ecosse ecosse at noos.fr
Sun Mar 26 14:01:14 CEST 2006

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Hy everybody,

If someone from euromayday network comes in Paris for the meeting we
organize the 1rst and 2nd April (or if you need before for the
demonstration), please send me an email or at maydayrencontres at gmail.com

We need to know how many people come to organize accomodations and also
your participation during the meeting. We would like to make a big place
for euromayday network and for your pratices in your cities.

Proud to be precarious !?
Our precariousness against theirs

2 days to share knowledges, experiences, analyses, desires

What is said about us? "dangerous, parasites, profiteers, idlers,
they-asked-for it, to be watched, to be controlled, to detain"

What is offered to us? "today precariousness, tomorrow employment". Long
live precarious full employment!

The struggle against precariousness is only access to employment, always
more precarious and to be accepted whatever the cost. Fundamental rights
are turned into institutional charities we should be indebted for, into
myriads of control processes affecting all the aspects of our lives. We
should mobilize ourselves always more for always less, without new
redistributions of the wealth we produce. These views and practices tend
to maintain us in invisibility and shame. Either victims or guilty, we
should keep silent about the urgency of new social rights to be won, we
should disappear and give up.

Who are we? Unemployed, RMIstes, precarious salaried workers, without a
job, allocataires, sick persons, disabled, intermittents, temporary
workers,students, trainees, undocumented migrants, sex workers,
sometimes all that at the same time. We are struggling precarious.

What do we want? To create, to have a housing, to learn, to start the
families we wish, to produce and access a diversified information, to
share knowledge freely, to have decent food, to take care of our health,
to move and settle freely... But times and spaces shrink everywhere.

A few weeks before the precarious parade on May 1, 2006 (Mayday 2006),
we invite you to two days of meetings and exchanges. These two days -
episode 1 - call for all the resistances, organized or not, in France
and elsewhere in Europe, to better know themselves, to exchange, to
strengthen. Conferences, plenaries, workshops, video screenings, are
moments to share knowledges, experiences, analyses and desires.

Against the discourses on our lives, let us build other conditions for
the possible.

Proud to be precarious!? Encounters on March 31, April 1-2, 2006
organized by Mayday Paris network
at Coordination des Intermittents et Pr?caires
14 quai de Charente 75019 Paris
subway station: Corentin Cariou
Infos: maydayrencontres at gmail.com

Proud to be precarious!?
Our precariousness against theirs

provisional programme, which can be modified according to which
collectives will be there

Friday March 31, 2006
starting 7pm welcome

Saturday April 1
9am welcome
10am presentation of the Mayday network and of the collectives. News of
the struggles
12.30pm pause
2pm Work ideology, its ways and its end
4pm Debate with the participants, with intervention from 9th collective
of undocumented migrants, Act Up-Paris, anti-CPE groups, etc.

Sunday April 2
10am Social control/Resistances
The discussions will take place in 3 workshops (Actions, Expertises,
Forms of organization), in order to exchange on the various practices
and knowledges in the collectives, organizations and individual
initiatives, local and national

12.30pm Pause
2pm Synthesis of the morning workshops
2.30pm Visibility of the struggles/Our disruptions of the social order
Discussions on the new emerging subjectivities and the factory of the
minoritarian: our precariousness against theirs
4pm Proud to be precarious!?
Presentation of the work of the Mayday network in Paris and in Europe
Preparation of the Mayday Parade in Paris and in France
Discussions with the collectives, on the incoming mobilizations

A space will be dedicated for the presentation, by the collectives, of
their reviews and materials. For all infos, proposals of interventions
and workshops, logistic infos: maydayrencontres at gmail.com

* - / \ | ^ ^^^^

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