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<nettime> 3 interviews with artist

[These interviews have been previously published at wryting-l,
arc.hive, and is here forwarded with permission of the artist. --B]

From: borwa.Corp <>=09Mailed-By:
Reply-To: "WRYTING-L : Writing and Theory across Disciplines"
Date: 21-Mar-2006 12:37
Subject: Interview

Interview with the artist

Why don't you say something?

Well, you have the cursive, so why should I?

This is plain text so you are wrong.

You got the full stops

The problem with interviews is that

First there's resistance to the form

Then there's self-reference to the form

Actually that might correspond to how things develop

As a metaphor of the content of any interview

Can you tell me more

Speaking of something is speaking of everything

Can you be more precise?

That corresponds to - I was just pondering, how much of a sphere do we
see from this or that distance, and you realize that it slides from 0
degrees if you're really close, or precise, to 180 at infinite distance.

What I mean is that when you're precise you say something trivial

Which is OK, so let's, and nothing new, oh these are problems

Let's say we went into details

See details

And I was thinking - to know the culture of say a land you don't
actually need to know anything about its general history, etc. It's not
a zoom into details - you could know it directly

You seem to propose a direct method, like fashionable zen and stuff

This makes us sick, I know, the biggest generalizations might be the
biggest illusions also

But the concrete doesn't lie?

Well, the thing itself might be the worst bluff, the abstractionist and
concretist go very well in hand

It moves with a double face, phase, so to say

So what would be your method?

I have no idea, well, I might have but it's not a position

You might just be a coward

I'm not afraid to die

Well, that might be the biggest cowardize ever

Anyway these therms doesn't really hold anything

What holds anything then?

First of all the holding idea isn't complete on its own

Let's say out of transactions, or synapses

Time seem to be steady, so let's propose time method

Like entropy

Or memory

Over time things seem to naturally or artifically to develop

Development might be mostly degeneration plus a novelty on the side

Like some structure at expense of loss of information

After some time there will be an emtpy structure

A room temperature

Which is time method, moderation of everything

On the other hand there's a beak

A peak

Like the catastrophic

And out of structure itself, bifurcation See also
broken symmetrytipping pointphase transitiondomino effectsnowball
effectbutterfly effectspontaneous symmetry breakingsingularity theory

Thank you very much

Of nothing


From: Bj=F8rn Magnhild=F8en <>=09Mailed-By:
To: wryting <>, "arc. hive" <arc.hive@anart.n=
Date: 22-Mar-2006 14:58
Subject: interview cont'

how would you describe your work?

repeat $descr until 0

can you output that?

given a dictionary it can be written out at each call

will you write it out?

it is written

who's it?

itself can be written out

what views?

from the classical perspective via the descartian coordinates to the
loss of reference

what then?

then comes the answer to the question

the collapsing of interview mirrors the self-reference of the start, i
think we learn by repeat

something else you forgot to say?


i want to look at this web

a net artist in the sense that work is on the net, that's where
you'll find it, and not primehowdoiwriteprimerly- firstly by content but
where. then by how the space constitutes of course the content but
secondly. in this sense, lot of the cv falls away- where i've exhibited
and when etc- it's worldwide, always- to have my work on the net- let's
say rather these addresses or searches these 25-40 gigas of work, public
private semi- lunch

thank you, now have a tea



From: Bj=F8rn Magnhild=F8en <>=09Mailed-By:
To: wryting <>, 7-11
<>, "" <>
Date: 22-Mar-2006 19:14
Subject: more inter views

-are you really serious?
-i am
-well now we know for sure.

-are you really funny?
-are you lying to me?
-are you sleeping?
-am i sleeping?
-am i lying?
-am i funny?
-am i serious?

the i cuts off like a razor, rust grows on no sworg, hold your breath
while i swedenborg

"Twenthieth Century"

hermeneutics fluctuates between a monkey and a donkey

it is all cowardize said the man, he skipped the book

i'm serious because i'm expressing it, then it's part of the world, like
foot prints in water, all my work is Del button and microseconds from -
you can say that it exists and doesn't - the difference is very small -
like a voltage +/-

the sea gives meaning as a whole only - digital objects is a terror
vacui - the awaiting - time is somehow stored as space, perverse

big words like capitalism and oriental, technology, Western and
even economy, magic words, you say them and there they are in gray

My Name

the most advanced, or next most advanced, we don't know exactly

invaded every life, life has invaded every life, the wind consist of
wind in small portions, food contain food

the highter the voice the lower the attention of course, reaching the
lower is the point of course, and rising lowers it of course. for each
of course the uncertainty to what course

i agree that we agree that we agree and two-bit thankyou

Physical and After - a review

After World War II we abolished with uppercase, minimalists ruled the
scene with the pyrotechnicians. I wish I could fly surplus effect I
don't know. Bataillean war.

New realists were different from old realists.

Garbage somehow floated into galleries as if by a fatal something, empty
rooms in horror movies, death as slow-motion, things in general.

something and its other might be seen as two sides of the same coin. a
coin and another coin can be seen as two sides of abstraction -
duplication of the same - words and terms, type and token.

finally the end of the modernism reached its height in the another the

consumerism and overproduction is by nature is evil nature evil evil
shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit, writing it by hand somehow
simulates bowel movements, the pressurefff0x outpit Minneapolis ploits

my favourites are high and low arts, well everything is low since
everything is material so forget low

present ever since equals the fish queue - First In Still Here - which
in practice means it's a buggy program

real life events, oh i love it

The Aura, the Cursor, somewhere there's a blinking cursor

I was born in Hollywood

i want this sentence to have a fixed meaning.
to do that i might have to wrap it up and put it in a closet, or we'll
engrave it in stone. water stays fixed though it's fluid - i don't know
about this word wrap any longer - gases, pressure and temperature - the
meaning never change.

to express something at all is to express everything, given that
everything is connected. and everything is connected of the things that
we know of, because if it's not connected you wouldn't know about it, so
then it's always everything, even nothing expresses everything. what if
you want to express even unconnected things? is 1 connected to 2? the
idea of the continuum versus the discrete, a keyboard continuum, seconds

i'm reading but very slow since i'm writing more than reading and mostly
my writing words

from now, we don't know if we're inside a loop or what, gravitation can
be simulated as anything else, vegetation on whales

You know so much as an embrodery while i don't even know how to spell
it, it's embroidery, needlework, the mind is like a sword, amazone


Brandon Taylor has focused.
We are also aware (the democratization of Z)

must remember!! names have uppercase initials (beginnings) you will see
it straight away names come out of the text like figures of speech
Even More

snot is like _____________

conceptual art is nothing else than nothing else

Assemblage, Junk Sculpture, Nouveau R=E9alisme, Pop and Conceptual art

retracing of the formal devices democratization of art as we are going
to see
Toward Net Art (Some Assembly Required) The Machine as Seen at the End
of the
Mechanical Age, and Cybernetic Serendipity: The Computers and the ...
what's wrong with this editor?! We'll see next time with cutup/pastiche
postmodern low and high the pill; the joint; the civil rights off the
wall low
cost high immediacy time and motion NY M/Baile School

poltical abstractionist works from outer space
See some ref

non-works faults defaults

this analysis while continue later given a reader

your eyes follow the line, what if it rather like psychogeography
followed another formal route -than straight forward- well it won't sell
either for pooh or practice since books needs writers more than readers
in the expanding library

the expanding library - a paragraph - did you see anybody? no, not even
the dead woman beneath the bookshelves

the expanding library - simulating oh i'm on battery, shit this wire
needs a third repair or so fourth it's hot - most energy goes into chaos
at this point, not doing much work, work meaning recursively i'm loosing
english words meaning to be refined still, which goes to say if
something is already perfect or finished it's entropy is maximum, its
diffusion into semiosis: all that is left is meaning.

the expanding library - to be writing constantly - culture soaks water
canals - the pyramid - how the corner is represented in the arts: as the
difference between the square and the circle - alchemical, jungian -
from the physical world (square) to the spiritual (circle) - the corners
are the remainings or squaring of the circle, their transcendental
horizone - hour zones which by their concrete transcend into back-in-
time effect which is effect-cause - the domains - the corner is guarded
by the goblins - beware greasy corner where lurks skid demon - you would
say the world is one big effect while the circle is one big cause one
big thing spinning around causing - in art you can find the relation
between the square and the circle - for squares pi equals to 4 - and
squaring of the circle is 3,14 - demons have a long tail - the tail sort
of gives them away - the past or the future - corresponds to circle
square where the corners of danger are inhabitated by chance

the expanding library - dusty corners, the circle in the middle (reading
or writing) and the book square (is a book reading or writing?) - the
corners are where meaning somehow definite bunnies wherever grinded with
the donkey dragging the carriage - in a room - book - writing circle -
reading quare - these corners are remnants from writing and reading -
their horiZone - which is their meaning finally - which is a dust bunny,
a household item.

in the eyes follow there will be more reading like writing, to be
reading a book have meant to follow a single line from start to end,
hyperreading - daerrepy - the machine will read one instruction at a
time - wow the battery is still hot - what the fuck?    ! - now, - later
this wire will electrocute me - cute - now, where were we hhhh - not
long ago academics had big trouble sorting someting alphabetically - my
teacher told me - he died some years ago - he also told the story how
many weeks he used debugging a simple program, maybe 1 and l something
like that - if you get too informal it will look like music - it's
probably true but we shouldn't be concerned about context because
finally it's position and you don't want to relate to that, so why
context? like i don't want to be read psychoanalytically, well why not,
these views are lost like perspective and cartesian points of refs -
wherever you are you probably are somewhere - actually this collapses
also - we have to take quantum shit into account - why you say - well if
truth means something - how thing works - what is that - real - - - -
xylophoams - this trumpets are misplaced - the fugeal words leaves
spaces for extrahelp clarification which is actually obfuscation - empty
space is immediately filled - the price is right or left out

the expanding reader needs his feebleness, if nothing else, simulated, a
loose thread is written

the sacrifice, burning, loss - spring death rite - one would think
winter but it works more catastrophic - biggest fall is spring



netart final; totally conclusive: After all that work, what was the net

remaining after deductions, as for charges or expenses (opposed to
gross): net earnings.
2.      sold at a stated price with all parts and charges included and with
all deductions having been made.
3.      final; totally conclusive: After all that work, what was the net
4.      (of weight) after deduction of tare, tret, or both.
5.      net income, profit, or the like.
6.      to gain or produce as clear profit.

The principal object of net art is Internet which isn't an object and
defy the principal

An art from form totalitar contains within the planet mass medium

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