Matthew Soar on Sat, 18 Mar 2006 20:34:02 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> New online resource on product placement in the movies

Hi folks,

I've just launched an online critical resource on product placement 
in the movies called Brand Hype ( It's been a 
couple of years in the making, so please take a look around and let 
me know what you think, and by all means spread the word. The main 
feature is a publicly accessible product placement database called 
Movie Mapper that can be searched by brandname, movie title, actor, 
studio, etc. This database has been designed so that *anyone* can 
sign up and help us log movies; in fact, we're going to be depending 
on community involvement to keep it growing. So far we've logged 
about one hundred movies. The site also includes an extensive 
bibliography, discussion forum, movie stills, and excerpts from 
recent books by Janet Wasko and Kembrew McLeod. (Visitors can also 
view Behind the Screens: Hollywood goes Hypercommercial, the video I 
produced in 2000 for the Media Education Foundation. Behind the 
Screens includes lots of examples of product placement, as well as 
interviews with Susan Douglas, Mark Crispin Miller, Janet Wasko, and 
Robert W. McChesney.) Your feedback and criticism would be most 
welcome as we continue to develop this resource over the coming months.

Best wishes to all,

Matt Soar

Communication Studies
Concordia University

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