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Re: <nettime> About French demonstrations against the new labor

> The government processes ongoing in France are an example of the broader
> problem, that the Power Commission identified, a problem that demonstrates
> that there is a fundamental flaw in how countries like France, Great
> Britain, Germany and the US claim to practice democracy.

The more common  i hear about the manif is frankreich 20 years after england
with thatcher has to go into the morning for its social system & that will
be hard & painful but after it will go better..rhoo..all the young must bend
& put panz down for receiving such discipline that are common rules in the
global.. & wait wait..even those who made the manif are among those
privilegied, mummy girlz & boy living in the paris intra muros then zoz of
'banlieue' zoz who burnt ze cars would be fairly happy to work for some euro
& the bunch of kick in ze ass that goes with..yes it's their secret desir &
hapilly our deputy think to them. All is trying to more or less to compare
the new french social contorsion as an ancient one that reminds something as
we are so much in a postmodern social thing that girlz & guyz couldn't do
anything else that was not already done by the olders, they cant have any
political insight, due to they look at tv & video games & net porno & hear
pirated rap & rock far too much for zat..ze older finding they have worked
so hard for zat & spent million of euro too... hum & ha btw beside this last
night (yes in france democratie is as a kind of dracula's scheming that have
to be wrangle during the night), so zis last night I said our democrate find
it was good to ferbotten peer to peer & then to promote a special felgendarm
squadron for sniffing i.p. in order its owner has his special graduate fine,
i.e. if he as tuned 'share' or not on his peer tools for instance, it would
be x2 in our good euro..yes france is really 20 year later & it's all a
bizness for vivendi & crosoft to lobby the french deputy for regraduated
back this poor country in post 2000 & well payback internet, more or less
the day is for bizness & dealing with deputy & general army..rest only the
night, yes also for shelling bagdad, well in one word for making er
democratie..btw froggy myself i am not well up when crosoft made peer to
peer developper under fine of $3000 & 6 month of jail in usa, was it really
in 1986 ?

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