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Re: <nettime> Censoring Boing Boing: A Case in point

> One of our most laudable national goals is the  export of free speech
> and free information, yet American companies are selling censorship.

hum free speech as liberty & democratie could be an underproduct of
industrie as soja lecithine & an emergeant 'free market' condition as for
instance porn for i  dont know to be able to sell tractor with cheap naked
chicks & also some free blasphemous for downpluging muezzin  for benefit of
advertising..but it's just economie of scale, if a blasphemous is too
commercialy expansive & if a naked chicks cost your two legs & two arm for
just sealling one barel of cola better to instrumentalised what it exist,
i.e. autoritarian regime, applied local rules in just tuning information
system with some downsizing code, it's just an i.t. challenge after all; one
could chose a ford t with small check if you love it now. see free speech as
liberty & democratie as self concious in ze state of nature, for what is
good for, except seeing we are all wizout panz ! & suddenly wizout panz (&
aware of it as it is said in the bible) you see at the horizon growing a
bare arse whipping foucaldian ridding a black godzilla,.it's the first of 
the three of the apocalipz

> If American companies are already obligated to disclose the sale of
> bombs and guns to repressive regimes, why not censorware?

cause you believe in santa claus
 this pedophile one is a fake prophet & zis reindeer ridder iz the second of
ze apocal!pz !

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