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Re: <nettime> Paris Burning [u]

On Tue, Nov 22, 2005 at 04:30:09PM -0500, Geert Lovink [c] wrote:

> may i add this interview with alain finkelkraut and a response by 
canadian writer > edna paris? i found them on the just-watch list. i
really like this debate on > nettime, however the (relative) absence of
french postings slightly worries me. > maybe i am wrong. i understood
there was and still is debate on the nettime-fr > list. is that correct?

> > -- > > > > Alain 
Finkielkraut. "When an Arab torches a school, it's rebellion.  When a 
white > guy does it, it's fascism. I'm 'color blind.' Evil is evil, no 
matter what color > it is. And this evil, for the Jew that I am, is 
completely intolerable." > (Hannah/Opale)


The title of the interview, at least the one given in the French 
version, was in itself the programme:
"They are not unhappy, they are muslims" ('Ils ne sont pas malheureux, 
ils sont musulmans')

In the 'elite racism' register, one may also note a forceful 
contribution by (Prof Dr) Helene Carrere d'Encausse, 'perpetual 
secretary' of the Academie Francaise, to the effect that 'African 
polygamy', resulting in tribal overcrowding of the social housing 
estates was to blame for the troubles. (But she said it - on TV - in 

The website of the French review 'Multitudes' 
( has quite a collection of articles, 
op-ed pieces, etc. devoted to the 'events' in the French banlieues: ("sur la 
revolte des banlieues"). A few are even in English (Slavoj Z's latest 
musings eg)

Issue #23 of the review will have its 'majeure' (main feature) devoted 
to "institutional racism", with contributions by Anne Querrien, Teun A. 
van Dijk, Toni Negri, a.o., many promted by the recent revolt. It will 
come out in January.

There has also been a lot of discussions on the Multitudes-infos list
(where I have re-posted Peter Lunenberg's and NAM's posts)

Also on the samizdat site:  which hosts the 
nettime-fr (French language nettime) list, whose archives are carefully 
hidden ;-) at the address:  where you 
have to look for '' and hit the 
i-am-not-a-spammer button...
(Nettime-fr is no longer archived on the main nettime site for reasons 
best known to the maintainers of nettime-fr)

cheers from Shanghai,
patrizio & Diiiinooos!

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