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<nettime> Historical Revisionism Made Easy

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>> wrote:

>Since I first "coined" the term circa 1989 in various reports I wrote
>for Wall Street and business audiences and obtained this email address
>in 1992 while on the AOL roadshow from Steve Case, perhaps my original
>definition would be a curiousity.<<

How odd, then, that the *1982* issue of the Florida Bar Journal should
use the term. I give you chapter and verse:

>>Title: New issues in the new media
Personal Author: Wiley, Richard E.; Neustadt, Richard M.
Responsibility: by R. E. Wiley, R. M. Neustadt
Journal Name: The Florida Bar Journal
Source:The Florida Bar Journal v. 56 (March 1982) p. 224-6
Publication Year:1982
Language of Document:English
Document Type:Feature Article<<

There's more where that came from:

>>Title:Launching into the age of telecommunications: a symposium
Journal Name:The Florida Bar Journal
Source:The Florida Bar Journal v. 56 (March 1982) p. 208-17+
Publication Year:1982
Language of Document:English
Note:Launching into the telecommunications age: the dawn of the
electronic era. R. W. Rappaport; The state's role in the new age of
communications. B. Graham; The public's interest. M. S. Fowler;
Telecommunications policy in the 1980's and beyond. L. Frey, Jr. R. G.
Cutter, III, A. D. Lipman; New issues in the NEW MEDIA (ital mine). R.
E. Wiley, R. N. Neustadt; Cable television: where it's been, where it's
headed. T. E. Wheeler; Access in Florida: the sunshine state of mind. D.
Paul, S. Kamp; Theft of service over-the-air pay TV: are the airwaves
free? T. S. Bienstock; Technology and continuing legal education: the
future is now. D. M. Maclay


>> Title:Quello warns of overexposure to the new media
Journal Name:Broadcasting
Source:Broadcasting v. 102 (May 3 1982) p. 74
Publication Year:1982
Language of Document:English
Subject(s):Television broadcasting industry; Quello, James
SIC Code(s):Television broadcasting stations (4833)
Document Type:Feature Article

>>  Title:Paley's eye on new media horizons
Journal Name:Broadcasting
Source:Broadcasting v. 103 (August 30 1982) p. 24
Publication Year:1982
Physical Description:Portrait
Language of Document:English
Subject(s):Broadcasting industry/Officials; CBS Inc./Officials; Paley, William S., 1901-1990
Document Type:Feature Article    

"Coined," indeed. Love those ironic quotes.

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