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Greetings Nettime,
        lurkers & founders,
              & so forth:

We are happy to announce a live gathering of Nettime --

    NETTIME_NORTH AMERICA (apparently Nettime 11)
    Monday June 5th, 2006, @ SAT, Montreal.

At the end of August there were a few posts to Nettime-l concerning the
potential human gathering of Nettimers, the first in some time. David Garcia
raised the issue in a post noting Nettime's ten year anniversary [1].
Andreas Broeckmann, Camille Acey and myself followed up with a few
encouraging responses and moreover I said I'd look into it [2]. A flurry of
discussion has since followed off-list with the following suggestions:

1] for a series of roundtables on the state of Nettime, its futurity and

2] on what Nettime has to offer in the 21C, from critique to network;

3] on what Nettimers are doing these days, and how this might lead to the
refuelling of Nettime.


For timeliness Andreas has suggested hosting a Nettime North America
gathering in Montreal shortly after the Mutek festival, which runs May 31st
to June 4th [3]. This will hopefully encourage a number of distant
Nettimers, global trotters and long-distance lurkers to make the trip.

Technically we are looking at a *one-day* gathering as a post-Mutek event.
We are not looking at organising a festival or extensive conference but
rather something more informal, that could perhaps lead up to something
larger if anyone wishes to do so.

The event is being organised under the umbrella of the Montreal Upgrade, the
volunteer, grassroots, global series of art & technology gatherings, of
which I curate the local chapter with a local team, and hosted at the
Society for Arts and Technology (SAT) [4].

The (unconfirmed but interested) crowd of attendees and a few confirmed
organisers includes MacKenzie Wark, Ted Byfield, David Garcia, Geert Lovink,
Alan Sondheim, Andreas Broeckmann, Felix Stalder and moderators & others,
which isn't to perpetuate any kind of Nettime elite but rather say "hey! yes
there is interest ..." -- and more to come ..

------ WHY WE NEED YOU ---------------

    For starters, we want to say HELLO! and see how many of you would be
interested in attending and can possibly make it. Please let the list know..

    Second, we're open to topical suggestions. Our plan here is to provide a
cinq-a-sept gathering, with music and VJs for the evening and on into the
night, with a day of roundtables preceeding.

    I can tell you right away that this will be far from dull: there will be
enough interest in Montreal alone to make this a very satisfying gathering.
New York, Toronto and Boston are very close and we can expect attendence
from these locales. And given that many of you here have been looking for
that chance / reason / excuse to attend Mutek anyway, this makes it
inevitable, right .. ?

    Right .. come see Montreal .. for many of you quite possibly the first
visit since ISEA 1995.

Looking forward to hearing from all of you.


    tobias c. van Veen
(with Ruth Burns, Sophie Le-Phat Ho, Anik Fournier)

    + with the support of SAT

tobias c. van Veen _Concept Engineer       -
Director, The Upgrade! Montreal | @ :          +
(SAT) Society for Arts and Technology
Montreal, Canada |    -




[4] SAT --
    Upgrade Montreal --
    Upgrade International --

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