Grethe . Melby on Wed, 9 Nov 2005 14:48:56 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> a new definition

Sitat Florian Cramer <>:
> Well, all of this isn't perhaps too surprising. There are a lot of
> "McGuffin"
> terms in the humanities that are frequently used, but remain deliberately un-
> or
> underdefined. Cassirer's "symbolic forms" come to my mind, Foucault's
> "discourse"
> and, well, the term "media" itself.

Yes. So please stop using the terms "new" or "old" if you want to coin a final
defnition on the varius forms of media today. Whats new today, is not new
tomorrow. What was very old yesterday, may seem very new today. In the old we see
the new, in the new we see the old. 

If you need a term, Olia Lialina, please look for a term that relates to the
object itself, and not the circumstances (time/space). Talk about distributive
media, digital media, distributive digital media, handheld distributive digital
media, - whatever - but not "new" and "old" - relating to time. As we all know,
time passes and changes and therefore slides away, avvoiding final definitions.

Grethe Melby, Co -curator of the Echibition: "Written in stone: A
archeology" at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Oslo 2002

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