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>Slovene culture is obsessed with the notion that, although a small nation,
>we are a cultural superpower: We possess some amalgam, a hidden intimate
>treasure of cultural masterpieces that wait to be acknowledged by the wider
>world. Maybe, this treasure is too fragile to survive intact the exposure to
>the fresh air of international competition, like the old Roman frescoes in
>that wonderful scene from Fellini Roma which start to disappear the moment
>the daylight reaches them. Such narcissism is not a Slovene specialty. There
>are versions of it all around Eastern Europe:

We kall it hope.
mine is bigger and more relevant than yours.

>the fresh air of international competition, 

Principle issue is ost.europa life forms still believe in fairy tales
and all occident fairy tales = neutered

>Rejecting such a fixation on the hidden national treasure in no way implies
>ethnic self-hatred. 


>The point is a simple and cruel one: All Slovene artists
>who made a relevant contribution had to "betray" their ethnic roots at some
>point, either by isolating themselves from the cultural mainstream in
>Slovenia or by simply leaving the country for some time, living in Vienna or

All slovene artists [as all artists] who have made a "relevant" contribution 
betrayed themselves and became immortal.

>It is the same as with Ireland: not only did James Joyce leave home
>in order to write Ulysses, his masterpiece about Dublin; Yeats himself, the
>poet of Irish national revival, spent years in London. The greatest threats
>to national tradition are its local guardians who warn about the danger of
>foreign influences.

Bunch of sissies. My grandfather would ride his donkey all over their sissy occident komponents.

>Furthermore, the Slovene attitude of cultural superiority finds its
>counterpart in the patronizing Western cliche which characterizes the East
>European post-Communist countries as a kind of retarded poor cousins who
>will be admitted back into the family if they can behave properly. Recall
>the reaction of the press to the last elections in Serbia where the
>nationalists gained big-it was read as a sign that Serbia is not yet ready
>for Europe. A similar process is going on now in Slovenia: The fact that
>nationalists collected enough signatures to enforce a referendum about the
>building of a mosque in Ljubljana is sad enough; the fact that the majority
>of the population thinks that one should not allow the mosque is even sadder; 

Majority of the population = always right.
Majority of the population feeds zizek. 
faktz are not sad.

>and the arguments evoked (Should we allow our beautiful countryside
>to be spoiled by a minaret that stands for fundamentalist barbarism?, etc.)
>make one ashamed of being a Slovene. In such cases, the occasional threats
>from Brussels can only appear welcome: Show multiculturalist tolerance.or

Ma daiii. let the belgian. dutch. austrian. german. british etc occident fkz
enter + we'll build a forestful of v.relevant art works with them / introduce them 
2 that amalgamation of all meaningful serenities

>At the same time, however, it
>reproaches the ruling coalition for undermining Slovene national identity by
>advocating full Slovene integration into the Westernized global capitalism
>and thus drowning Slovenes in contemporary Americanized pop culture. The
>idea is that the ruling coalition sustains pop culture, stupid TV amusement
>and mindless consumption in order to turn Slovenes into an easily
>manipulated crowd, incapable of serious reflection and firm ethical stances.

Sounds like cutting edge artists opening their legs for 1x relevant EU grant

>While pressuring Poland to open its
>agriculture to market competition, Western Europe floods the Polish market
>with agricultural products heavily subsidized from Brussels.

Progress = inevitable = 01 good thing

>How do post-Communist countries navigate in this sea with conflicting winds?

Prostitution = 01 good thing

>"What does Woman want?"

Something Good + Relevant [SGR]

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