andy on Thu, 2 Jun 2005 23:53:15 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Intel outside!

Disclaimer: I dont think boycotting the McDonalds of the processor
industry to be more effective than properly using DRM.  User defined DRM
is an effective and intelligent use of hardware to prevent unauthorized
software like trojans and spyware.  And for that matter, no one in the
Free/Open source communities is really against it either.  I remember
reading an interview some time ago with Linus Torvalds planning to add DRM
capabilities to the Linux kernel.  Now if DRM gives you a hard time with
software or allow privacy intrusions from companies, dont use the
software, write your own, or use an alternative.  Theirs plenty of POOP
out there (Plenty Of Other Programs).  The challenge to alternative
operating systems is in the Palladium / Trusted Computing initiatives.  
Trusted Computing (in true Orwellian fashion) would completely shutdown
your ability to use your PC.  I'm kind of surprised hardware manufacturers
dont issue an End User License Agreement in similar worded legalese
like Micrsoft.  But even there the community has FreeBIOS solutions.  
When allowing any third party to build your computer or software you are
by default allowing them to do anything they want into the product.  
Boycotting monopoly's like Microsoft that make their money as the industry's
legal mafia would be just as silly.  I should not even have to mention how
easy it is for a company so persuaded to get laws proposed and signed into
law so only they will benefit.  Thats the net effect of allowing a third
party to govern for you.  Think about the Halliburton Resolution to
Authorize the Use of United States Armed Forces Against Iraq.  Has any
boycott changed them?  Try convincing people to be unliberal and boycott
the government.  Liberals dont think about alternatives.  But neither does
either side of the aisle want to put their principals into practice.  
Besides making money, whats the alternative?  What will challenge the
belief systems of society at large pointing out the patently vulgar to the
sublime.  The number of profane company's, people, and voters is a case in
point.  Look at France.  No disrespect intended, to France, or liberals.

On Tue, 31 May 2005, jaromil wrote:

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> re all,
> Intel Corp.  is now embedding digital rights management within in its
> latest dual-core processor Pentium D and accompanying 945 chipset.
> Officially launched worldwide on the May 26, the new offerings come DRM
> - - enabled and will, at least in theory, allow copyright holders to
> prevent unauthorized copying and distribution of copyrighted materials.
> ...

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