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Re: <nettime> net architecture nothingness

I'd think it much more "productive" too take a look at the relationship of
the owner of the site Larry Silverstein and NY Governer Patakai with
commercial lucifer of the NYC building world, Skidmore Owings & Merrill
monster David Childs.  The highjacking of consensus by a greedy landlord
who is using his competent accomplice from SOM to explode the streetscape
into highly suffocating big box retailers and mortifingly cumbersome
doublings of "usable office space".  Not to talk about vacancy rates
downtown now, or the high vacancy rate the WTC suffered its entire

The "architecture establishment" is much more fragmented then telling, the
process of building is not a coherent ideological checkmate of the
"public's" desire to", as Justin Berzon naively positions, rebuild the
Twin Towers in exact replica some 60 feet from the original footprints.  
Maybe Justin should have took part in the process here in New York.  It
was much more accomodating and interesting then his conspiratorial, my
plan to rebuild in form the towers was rejected essay may suggest.  A plan
to replicate - which Justin's is - garnered media attention not because of
its legitimacy as an actual option, but because the immediate reaction to
trauma is to wish, beg, plead, and hope for the past to reappear as it was
before the transgression.  That is the emotive element of his proposal.

The problem with the GZ memorial is not that its a progandistic tool built
by a secret masonic order - it was an open international competition that
fruited, in my opinion, some really vapid memorial plazas.

The entire problem is SPEED.  We want the plans done, built, and moved
under the blanket of amnesia.  Next please, NEXT PLEASE.  This is
symtomatic of captialism, not a secret architectural order.


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