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<nettime> President of Flies

US is currently run by thugs supported by the cheering consumer crowds that
have been bred and conditioned to be infantile.

So the situation is best evaluated in the "Lord of Flies" context. As long as
masters are winning and have stronger army than anyone else, nothing will
change. You will notice that they never engage army unless they have several
orders of magnitude strength advantage.

Which means that only small countries are in danger.

There are two consequences of this:

(a) there is no likely grouping of bigger entities to strike back - and that is
the only response that will change US behavior. Until US is beaten and have
suffered occupation and complete military defeat nothing much will change. This
will eventually happen as history demonstrates that empires are not capable of
sustained supremacy (due to the negative selection within among other factors -
incidentally, the brain drain in the last 3-4 years have changed direction -
this is the most significant metric.) But not any time soon.

(b) smaller countries will strive to arm themselves with effective weaponry.
The window for this is closing and in few years there will be two clearly
defined clubs: untouchables and fair game. It looks that most of the arab world
is heading for the fair game status and they are understandably unhappy with

The main question is - will the income from newly and soon to be acquired
colonies be sufficient to prevent confrontation between US and the rest of
developed and armed world? 

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