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Re: <nettime> Lieven de Cauter: The people vs. 'Total War Incorporated'

  Lieven de Cauter: The people vs. 'Total War Incorporated':

> A fourth action should be to convince the American students, academics,
> artists and intellectuals to open their eyes before the PNAC closes 
> them. And many have their eyes wide open. To them we say to them, we mail 
> from all over: stand up. It is your fucking duty. We, all of us, will 
> support you.

  The best thing is if all the professors you cited were to resign from
  their university positions, along with their ideologies, and made
  room for realities beyond the confines of the past. get Nader and
  Chomsky and others into the bleachers and let new voices into
  the debate. as 'it is not that simple' even though it may seem so.

  might Chomsky & Negri and others be an intellectual Mafioso?

  and yes, persons have spoken without any support from these
  same icons of the Industry of Ideological Educational Institutions,
  have been web-visited by lawyers amuck along with Brown & Root,
  Halliburton, Enron, the US Military-Industrial-Etc. complex, offline
  to the disbelief of 'older radicals' - and death or fear of death is not
  irrelevant. so-- what goes on in the populist status-quo Universities?

  students plan protests the day _after the start of a war in Iraq.  that's
  too good to be true, to represent the powerlessness and symbolic
  vacuity of this late-date plea to the intelligentsia establishment. is
  it possible that these icons of Intellectual Industry are also corrupt?
  that they are also holding back change? any chance of that -- as the
  idea that they are morally superior, and balanced, enough to judge,
  and not have a distortion based on similarly monopolistic powers
  is curious. there has been no support for those outside their structures
  of systematic control and self-serving dealings, too. so, conspiracy
  theories or not, they also belong in the academies, it too is rotting.

  and it too supports one of many empires, of strict and fundamentalist
  ideological controls over speech, ideas, and imaginations. wake up?
  the educational institutions are part of the problem, if for thirty years
  they could not deal with this issue until the day after the war starts,
  then self-righteously proclaim truth (and assert silence to 'others')
  beyond their limited, egoistic, behaviorally-defined utopic wishes.
  if the trajectory (or vector, for that matter) is going to be changed, it
  will need to include changing educational institutions, as as start.

  so, why not demand tenured professors to resign en masse, to start...

  then people might actually have a chance of changing, their minds.

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