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Re: <nettime> Lieven de Cauter: The people vs. 'Total War Incorporated'

on 3/17/03 6:08 PM, geert lovink at geert@Desk.nl wrote:

>Professor Lustick is of the view that the Jewish lobby, rather than oil,
> is behind the war schemes of the PNAC.  The 'Jewish' logic appears to be
> that a forceful attack on Saddam would destroy the resolve of the
> Palestinians and tempt them into signing a peace deal the terms of which
> can be completely dictated by Israel

sometimes i wonder why such a high percentage of conspiracy theories blame
jews for, well, everything? tres chic.

in the meantime, i'll hold my breath waiting for that israeli / palestinian
peace deal to be signed after the conclusion of the impending war.....

(now i'll go back to figuring out what the pyramid with the eye floating
over it really means, and how it got there)

entire original post below

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> Via: "Barbara Vanderlinden" <113312.2106@compuserve.com>
> From: "Lieven Test" <lieven.decauter@asro.kuleuven.ac.be>
> (Dear all, please read this letter and forward it, if you like it,
> worldwide. [if you received it before, this is a more definitive version] If
> you have serious suggestions to help this peace action go forward, mail me.)

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