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<nettime> globomania digest [porculus, guibert-certhoux]

Re: <nettime> Romania is getting global
     "porculus" <>
     Aliette Guibert-Certhoux <>

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From: "porculus" <>
Subject: Re: <nettime> Romania is getting global
Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2003 12:06:20 +0100

> I don't know how much attention the developments in
> central-southern-easter europe grab on the list in those hot pre-war
> times.  Towards none, I should say.

wouaa let me to tell you a joke, it's an English who drink a beer on the
champ elysée in paris and then a french take off his beer & throw it in his
face..the English say 'what happen?'  & the french to reply 'didn't you have
burn Jeanne d'arc?' & the English 'sure but..but it's so long time ago' &
the french to end 'perhaps but I I just learn it'. & you know what, it's
gw bush just learn ztaline is dead & he just learn he could drink &
sign million ov execution at the same time & he is quite jealous..& all the
ost europa take it very seriously & our chirac who can & drink & rip off &
vote to lepen at the same time wonder the fuck what happen to you
zuddenly..coz let me tell you anozer ztory known only by zome zecret french perhaps know the exprezion 'to be drunk as a polish' in
french for ordinary saying you are near to fact it'z  sheer
revizionizm ! ze ekzact ztoriezz come from napoleon Buonapartez himselvz..&
is az follow..befor a vamouz battle..befor all vamouz or not battle az you
know, all good generalz give doble..triple even er quadruple razion of
alcohol to all their order they die without having some shit of
fear in their panz or somezing I did napoleonz the evening befor
& all his fucking warriorz were quite flabbyz drunk az needed..but napoleon
look at polish camp with his telescope & he sew the polish soldier quite
drunk also but who could remain stand up..napoleon was excessively flushed
with divine anger & shout around to his lay down guiz, 'be drunk but drunk
az polish'.
..well i completely forget what I want to say..ha I remember now..after a
look at gw bush I could confirm what you say..he will go to war without
anyzing in his stomach, az sober & standing up zan a zerial killerz

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Date: Fri, 07 Mar 2003 12:10:28 +0100
Subject: Re: <nettime> Romania is getting global
From: Aliette Guibert-Certhoux <>

Just on the same subject but aside, please...

I do not want to talk from the claimed French thoughts on the bordering
Europe ;-) Undoubtedly we should delight us in any moment while the people
see the world opening for them. And I was among those thinking that Europe
would choose the value and the time for Euro looking toward the fastest
integration of Turkey and "Tchekoslovaquie" before the division. A question
from the point of view of safe Democracy for European Future (Look Italy
resulting and you cannot imagine which way is building for French life and
the next European election).

But now we miss it and immediately the value of the Euro has written a
beginning of a high recession the same for the richest countries. They have
choose for Europe from the Economy (that old idea from de Gaulle's Jean
Monnet), they would have choose to a Politician Europe. We'll see later how
Mitterand as President himself has acted the recession of the autonomy in
Europe and entering the OTAN on a pervert cause.

Following, there is a pervert suggestion to the Right of Interference,
because this operative concept did not take care about the dual cause which
turns out the pragmatic situations. This high suggestion was coming from
Misses Mitterand and Kouchner -- just he is re-appears last days for a State
of transition in Irak (just in the top moment to justify the following war
against the people position from all the world): same position from the
Yougoslavia war even from a good cause was the worst solution; just look at
the disaster inside and outside now there :-(

However Rumanian State has never upset the Stalinian idea on the power
structure especially on Influence and Intelligence, even after Ceaucescu
dictatorship and while reversing him (for example: remember the
misinformation about the Timisoara mass graves)... only they have turned the
dictatorship appearance to Liberalism exchanges especially looking European
and Russian and Asian environments from the world moving. However the new
Rumanian State in its different periods shows its social desertion on misery
and poorness, and built a milk way on the system of the rewards and the
trading of favors. Rumania would not be thus a quite country about the
Rights for People but one of the milk way as a corridor of influence
intelligence strategies and their hard money.

Today everywhere one would know how Liberalism does not rhyme with Liberty
for the people to decide for themselves. More: we notice everywhere the
Democracy growing douw. But now what we could do as a new Democracy
suggestion for the rights of the people here and there looking toward the
event of this incredible new word...

Coming back on the subject, everything about Calin's post could be a good
information from the point of view on Rumania to the world a-topia coming
soon? Thanks.

Le 6/03/03 18:55, calin de <> a probablement envoyé ou
transmis :

> I don't know how much attention the developments in
> central-southern-easter europe grab on the list in those hot pre-war
> times.  Towards none, I should say. Which might be a pitty, because an
> interesting new fault line is designing in that area, between western
> Europe as a potential development partner falling quickly from favors, and

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