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<nettime> Fwd: Global Plunder All Day Culture Jam 29th/30th Nov by

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> Global Plunder All Day Culture Jam 29th/30th Nov by

>                   BRAIN*

>    The Moneysystem does make you sick!

> We are calling out for immediate participants in a
> global mass attack for the false analysis of the
> so called "consumer culture". For far too long Nice Guys
> and attac agencies have been force feeding us with their
> products and information. We've been hearing, seeing,
> drinking, and eating what they've been producing and
> we can't swallow another bite.

> On Plunder All Day pseudo-critics in areas suck for
> consumerism as the goal of attack while they mean it
> to start a sustainable "Blah!" Why not get it all instead
> of playing the game of power of consumers? Subversion is
> not to consume or not not, it is not to stop lust or desire.
> It is the opposite, baby! You think you are innocent and
> unrelated? Well, they will burst you out of their shops
> calling the reality force. It is plain and simple.

> First clean your head, before you vomit what you want and
> need. Therefore no pill from Argentina will help you out,
> not in a capsule form, not in a nutshell. A consumer will
> remain a consumer in this logic.

> Looking for individuals or groups that are interested
> in carrying it out in locations around the world. The
> actions will be recorded by camera suveillance, edited
> into a long long on non-national TV under the theme Stupid
> Anarchy. Images and reports will be posted on the web
> after the event. And it will be just an event.
> Please forward this email to the party in the
> neighbourhood.

> Thinking might not be pleasant but neither is our
> current consumerism-consumer society. Higher your consumption.

> For plans, images
> Contact:

> Looking forward to reading from you.

> --
>         BRAIN
> throws up "consumerism"

> -------------------------------------------------

> _________________________________________________________________
> Tired of socialdemocrats? Get advanced protection with MRX 02.

> _____
> * No native speaker!

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