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<nettime> Documenta XI but not really

Maybe it is time to notice that tere is not very much space left for
debating art as an autonomous discipline, with its territory and its

If comments are not about the successful (or not so much so) use of such
and such media, they are about political issues, economic strategies,
global warmig etc. That should come along fine if in a reasonably balanced
percentage. But when the art domain becomes100% the business of
extra-artistic topics, I do not wonder that the word boredom comes to

I am interested in political issues myself, and I am deeply concerned
about the world where my son is supposed to live later. But what I see now
is that it will be, at the best, a world where activists will measure
everything by the measures of political commitment, and that is a type of
experience that suffocated my (and my fellow Romanians) existance for 30
years or so.

I sympathise with Mr. Miller's claim, but I still think that art
manifestations need to give some room to art, precisely in order to make
political activism a more efficient, less blurred activity.

Maybe less cross-and inter-specialty discourses and more focus on one's
own trade would be good; in other words, maybe economists, strategists and
activists should do their job and artists should do theirs, and then meet
all of them after working hours?

mark: this has nothing to do with the Documenta in debate, since i didn't
manage yet to visit. but then, it might have to do with it as well....

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