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<nettime> net-art01 arena results

Hi nettime-l people,

somewhat belatedly

here are the results for the popular online vote (the only vote) for sites
entered to the open 'net art' arena, net-art01

congrats to everybody who took part, either by visiting the sites listed
or contributing sites to be listed

especial congratulations to those who got the most virtual applause with
Mark Napier heading
the procession

thanks to those who virtually sat on panel, made comments etc Alan
Jennifer Sondheim, Alex Galloway, Meiko and Ryu, Arcangel, Richard
Barbeau, Roberta Bosco and Stefano Caldana

we look forward to the participation of all for net-art02 which should
open at end of this year.

finally, very sad to relate, that the person whose work appears sixth on
this list, Tiia Johannson, died recently at the terribly young age of 37.
Our commiserations to her husband, Raivo Kelomees and two children.


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