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Table of Contents:

   tech_2 2002                                                                     
     lisa haskel <>                                               

   urban drift 2002 - pressrelease                                                 
     Urban Drift <>                                               

   CALL FOR PAPERS: Constitutionalism and Constitutionalisation, CLS-conference '02
     "R. A. Hettinga" <>                                           

   borderhack at cellspace, san francisco.                                         
     fran ilich <>                                                   

   International Video Festival in Ramallah, Palestine                                                                                         

   INNESTO-GREFFE-GRAFT   (Ita - fra - eng)                                        
     "ph2o arte" <>                                              

   FW: borderhack 2003.                                                            
     fran ilich <>                                                   

   Executive Order : Free Cultural Zone                                            
     US Department of Art & Technology <>                

     Simon Biggs <>                                            

   PM: Zimmer, Pau, Bartsch und Claus singen im Chor                               
     Volker Ludwig <>                                            


Date: Tue, 30 Jul 2002 18:35:43 +0100
From: lisa haskel <>
Subject: tech_2 2002

Its mostly of local interest, but here's the latest tech_2 project. 
We'll be in Lancaster in the north of England, and heading off 
towards the end to Grizedale Forest to test out our skills in rural 

if you're close (ish), think about dropping by... everyone welcome.

Tech_2/Grow Your Own Media Lab is a series of workshops, events, and 
experiments with free software, recycled hardware, mobile computing, 
wireless networks, small renewable energy systems and community media 

16 August to 11 September, Folly, Lancaster and Grizedale Forest, Cumbria.

Shared food and accomodation is available free for anyone who gets 
there.  contact

Documentation will be available as we go.  look out for announcements.


Date: Thu, 01 Aug 2002 17:02:24 +0200
From: Urban Drift <>
Subject: urban drift 2002 - pressrelease


9th ­ 13th October, Café Moskau, Karl-Marx Allee 34, Berlin Mitte, and
workspaces throughout Berlin


At last year¹s urban drift symposium, the architect Cedric Price defined the
term urban drift as one which implied both movement and generosity.
This year from the 9th to the 13th October 2002, urban drift will be able to
do greater justice to its name and will manifest itself as a broad-based
platform made up of a two-day conference, a night space ­ a forum for
transformational urbanism ­ drawing together artists, architects,
filmmakers, writers, sound artists and DJs in a mutual exchange ­ and open
workspaces throughout the city.

The main location, Café Moskau, on the Karl-Marx-Allee near Alexanderplatz,
is in itself a significant building ­ particularly in the context of
Berlin¹s redevelopment. One of the notable buildings of the early sixties,
adorned with utopian mosaics, and a model of the USSR sputnik ­ donated to
the GDR - it has been closed for over two years and by the time urban drift
takes place it will be partially renovated and open for events and temporary
use. 10 minutes away from Alexanderplatz, Café Moskau stands on the main
artery towards the German/Polish border.

The conference ­ From Formalism to Flux ­ mobility and new urban strategies
October 11th and 12th, 2002

A two-day international symposium drawing together international
participants from the disciplines of architecture, urbanism, interactive
design, art and media activism, in a mutual discourse on mobility ­ mobile
connectivity, the "design of flows", and global mobility phenomena in
urbanism and architecture. Urban drift will reflect the re-politicisation of
architectural practice.

Keynote speakers Lars Lerup, Dean, School of Architecture, Houston Texas and
Irene McAra Mc William, computer related design, RCA London will discuss
mobile connectivity.

Panel themes include ­ the urban and political phenomenon of wireless ­ LAN
­ networks, (including Armin Medosch, James Stevens of, Simon
Worthington, Mute Magazine, and Shu lea Cheang, nomadic media artist),

accommodating flux and reading the urban dynamic: How can architects and
urbanists draw inspiration from rapidly accelerated urban processes: the
unplanned, spontaneous and self-organized processes in cities where
individuals are designing their own spacesŠ.
(participants include: Stefano Boeri, Multiplicities, Milan, Guido Borelli,
Director of Urban Management at the Domus Design Academy, Milan, Srdjan
Jovanovic Weiss, Normal Group ­ Belgrade, Yoshiharu Tsukamoto, Studio bow
wow, Tokyo). 

Further themes include: the potential of urban voids ­ Stephen Kovats,
Montreal; the "economy of scarcity" (Mangelwirtschaft); Berlin as a border
city: Uwe Rada, Die taz, and Mobility versus Place: residual/peripheral
urban spaces (with Jean Louis Paillard, Périphériques, Paris, L21
architects, Leipzig),
Finally, Tactical Mobility, will include media activists ­ knowbotic
research, analysis of Nike¹s situationist branding, and a discussion on the
reactivation of underused, or undervalued public spaces.

OPEN WORKSPACES ­ from 9th ­ 13th October, 2002 throughout Berlin.
As part of urban drift this year, we will include a number of workspaces in
Berlin - architectural practices, designers, and artists.
With Open Workspaces we mean spaces which are more than offices and studios,
rather they are hybrid spaces, incorporating exhibition spaces, laboratories
for interdisciplinary exchange and collaborations, and meeting points for
mutual exchange on the urban drift themes. These hybrid spaces are a
phenomenon very specific to Berlin.
- - A map ­ provided by velotaxi - will allow for an urban drift between these
different locations between the 9th and the 13th October.

amongst the participants of the open workspaces are: lessrain, Hoyer and
Schindele architects, filesharing, raumlaborberlin, die°Alex psd (artists
and activists bringing current public space issues to the forefront through
interventions and actions on Alexanderplatz), Platoon ( a group of designers
who will place 2 shipping containers in Mitte, and provide a temporary media
lab for berlin¹s Œsub-cultural¹ scene), e27, Pfadfinderei, Standard Rad, and
Latif Oberholz.

THE NIGHTSPACE+ October 10th/11th and 12th ­ at Café Moskau, Karl-Marx Allee

A forum for transformational urbanism: "The inexhaustible inventory of the

The night space will bring together talks, presentations and visuals, video
screenings, readings, and Dj¹s in the spirit of the situationist derive. The
participants are actively engaged in affecting, transforming, intervening,
in the urban landscape. Themes include: urban nomadism and mobile urban
strategies, urban curating.


Leo Villareal ­ on the portable temporary architecture of the Burning Man
Festival /  Heath Bunting, on BorderXing ­ a net art project and a radical
dérive throughout Europe, supported by the Tate Modern /  Rafael Horzon will
present BELFAS, modern facades for minimalistic urban regeneration /
Wilfried Hou Je Bek, on psychogeographies and the urban dérive with
algortithms ( /  Jose Perez de Lama, on "Zapatista
urbanism² /  Cite des Ondes from Canada, will screen video work from their
recent festival /  Actar publishers will present their new issue of Verb (on
connection) /  A.non.mag, from Dublin, will present their anonymous
architecture magazine, for distribution in the shopping malls and the petrol
stations of the suburbs, to garner interest in new architecture and design
for suburbia /  Stefan Saffer presents mobile porch, a foldable, rollable
architecture for interventions and interactions in public spaces /  There
will be discussions on the history and the fate of the Café Moskau, left
empty for the past 3 years /  Turbo space ­ the uncontrolled urban processes
of Belgrade, will be presented in a complex interface - Datacloud by the
Stealth Group /  flora&fauna visions /

our communication partners are Vitra Design Museum Berlin (who are opening
the exhibition "Living in Motion, Design and Architecture for Flexible
Dwelling² on September 27th)
the TU Berlin (Architekturfakultät), and sponsors are art&com, supporters
are the Transmediale Salon, the Italian Cultural Insitute, the Canadian
Embassy, the French Cultural Insitute.

Initiator and Curator: Francesca Ferguson

Patroness: Kristin Feireiss, Aedes Gallery

Urban drift is financed by the Hauptstadtkulturfond Berlin.


Date: Sat, 3 Aug 2002 13:12:19 -0400
From: "R. A. Hettinga" <>
Subject: CALL FOR PAPERS: Constitutionalism and Constitutionalisation, CLS-conference '02

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Date:         Fri, 2 Aug 2002 22:47:03 +0000
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Sender:       Hayek Related Research <HAYEK-L@MAELSTROM.STJOHNS.EDU>
From:         Carl Lebeck <c_lebeck@HOTMAIL.COM>
Subject:      [HAYEK-L:] CALL FOR PAPERS: Constitutionalism and
              CLS-conference '02



CALL FOR PAPERS: Constitutionalism and Constitutionalisation - End or
Revival of Liberal Governance?

Constitutionalism is one of the quite few political concepts that seems to
have (at least on the rhetorical level) universal acceptance. There has also
been a global development of constitutional law according to
"constitutionalist" lines during the "third-wave of democratisation", a
process that has been going on with an increasing pace since 1989. This
process of "constitutionalisation" that has been going on in
post-totalitarian or post-authoritarian countries is also visible on the
level of supranational government in the European Union. A parallell to
these political processes has been an unparallelled expansion in the studies
of constitutionalism, that has drawn from disciplines as law, political
science, economics and international relations (!).

"Constitutionalism" has traditionally been associated with liberal "rule of
law state" that has sometimes been regarded as conflicting with the
aspirations of the welfare state, Rechtsstaats-ideology and to some extent
also associated with more or less watered down forms of market ideology.
However, it is obvious that the development of constitutionalism presently
is multi-faceted, the emphasis on social rights in South Africa, the
tendency to constitutionalise social rights as well as gender-equality in
Europe, as well as the acceptance for affirmative action in constitutional
law all tend to show that constitutionalism might have other implications
than usually associated with it. As constitutionalism often has been
associated with liberal views of equal treatment, it has lately also been
associated with tendencies to manage ethnic conflicts through various forms
of governmental recognition of cultural differences, that has often been
seen as conflicting with its traditional liberal roots.

The increased importance of human rights protection is another side of the
present day constitutionalism, while the out-sourcing of traditional
governmental tasks (e.g. the quangos) that often results in a more unclear
domain of human rights law. Other important characteristics of it, seems to
be a more extensive protection of economic freedoms and sometimes even
restriction of fiscal powers by judicial review. Another facet of it seems
to be the increased interest in constitutionalising limits of the
governmental tasks through constitutional texts that might be seen in
certain European states, as well as in federal states as the US where the
Supreme Court has been increasingly restrictive towards federal legislation
beyond the commerce clause. These developments might be seen as a
reinstallment of important traits of liberal governance. On another level it
also includes a general acceptance for the set of political institutions
associated with liberal democracies.

This stream of the Critical Legal Conference welcomes proposal for papers
and presentations on any aspect of the development of constitutionalism in
the world.

Carl Lebeck

Regarding this stream, please contact me at

For further information about the conference, please consult its homepage,
or contact Professor Bill Bowring ( or Dr Adam Gearey

Join the world’s largest e-mail service with MSN Hotmail.

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- -- 
- -----------------
R. A. Hettinga <mailto:>
The Internet Bearer Underwriting Corporation <>
44 Farquhar Street, Boston, MA 02131 USA
"... however it may deserve respect for its usefulness and antiquity,
[predicting the end of the world] has not been found agreeable to
experience." -- Edward Gibbon, 'Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire'


Date: Sun, 04 Aug 2002 10:58:21 -0500
From: fran ilich <>
Subject: borderhack at cellspace, san francisco.

- ------ Mensaje reenviado
De: podp <>
Fecha: Sat, 3 Aug 2002 21:44:55 -0700 (PDT)
Para: fran ilich <>
Asunto: 8.4.02 >> a special free film night at cellspace

hola noborder artist  / organism(s),

you are no doubt ready to take your artworlds
beyond that archaic Operating System of geopolitical
boundaries and into a specially Un-prepared interzone
where the multiplicity of cultures and shared creative
acts become a vast network of links and living
mechanisms for bypassing the jackals and the
gatekeepers ...

THIS Sunday 
at THE Cellspace

Please join us for ;
( some food provided by our kitchen magician
- - Maya ... together w/ whatever potluck
offerings you might be able to bring it will be a
 ! ) 

previews of Pods' 
film program for 
the Borderhack 3.0 
festival / gathering
taking place in Tijuana
Aug. 16 - 18 
( and for more backround
visit )

And if you are so inspired you can
find out here how you can CARAVAN
w/ us to this most unique midland of art
and social consciousness
at the fringes of our current
globalized mess.   
you say you want to make other worlds possible ?!

this is the information you've been waiting for !

Film excerpts from
Sebastio Salgado's "Spectre of Hope"
and a plethora of Culture Jamming documents

saludos !
pod p.


p.s. Due to such short notice :
Please spread the word to all friendly organisms !!
Please try to bring a friend or 2 w/ you !

" As I discovered at the end of my innocence in 1955,
the Border , strictu senso, is a state-sanctioned
system of violence - physical, environmental,
and cultural. Its principal historical function , I
learned later , has been the reproduction of
agricultural + industrial peonage in the American
Southwest ( and more lately , in the maquiladoras as
well as more distant US labor markets ). It penetrates
deeply into millions of lives far from the actual
demarcation of national real-estate. "

- ------ Fin del mensaje reenviado


Date: Tue, 6 Aug 2002 00:14:02 EDT
Subject: International Video Festival in Ramallah, Palestine

 Date: Sat, 27 Jul 2002 10:32:58 -0400
 Subject: International Video Festival in Ramallah, Palestine

 Dear friends,

 I am curating a video art festival of International artists to be held
 Ramallah this Fall.

 There will be no official theater location. Rather, the festival will
 place within the homes of the people in Ramallah. People will take the
 videos home and watch them and then when the curfew is lifted, will
 the video on to the next person,etc. In this way, everyone will have
 access to the videos and they will be able to be shown around the

 Unfortunately, we can not guarantee the safe return of your video. If
 video is in a house, and Israeli soldiers enter the house, it will
 then likely be destroyed.

 We welcome all subject matter EXCEPT anything about the Palestinian/
 Israeli conflict. The video system there is PAL.

 Please contact me at:
 if you would like to submit your video.



Date: Tue, 06 Aug 2002 15:52:09 +0000
From: "ph2o arte" <>
Subject: INNESTO-GREFFE-GRAFT   (Ita - fra - eng)

INNESTO-GREFFE-GRAFT   (Ita - fra - eng)


Happening nel Parco

Lei è gentilmente invitata all' happening nel Parco delle Alpi Marittime, 
per la performance "Innesto - Greffe - Graf" il prossimo 7 Settembre 2002.

Un'originale happening nel Parco delle Alpi Marittime, in Italia vicino a 

Si tratta di un particolare evento, ideato da due interessanti giovani 
artisti, Domenico Olivero e Stefano Venezia.

Il 7 Settembre nel pomeriggio (ore 17,00) essi vi aspetteranno nel Vallone 
delle Vallette, nel centro del Parco delle Alpi Marittime, per un originale 
evento, un nuovo modo di vivere una comunicazione globale e un confronto con 
gli artisti in un suggestivo spazio naturale. Essi vi aspetteranno per un 
incontro ed una camminata, dialogando sui valori umani. Alla fine tutte le 
persone presenti parteciperanno alla creazione di una scultura in forma di 
costellazione (in questo caso quella dell'Orsa maggiore).

Per tutte le informazioni e mappa del luogo visitare il sito

Se desidera essere cancellato dalla nostra mailing list invii un e-mail a, completamente vuota ed intitola "unsubscribre".


Happening dans le Parc

Nous avons le plaisir de vous inviter à l'événement "Innesto - Greffe - 
Graft", le  7 Septembre 2002.

Un original "Happening" aura lieu dans le Parc des Alpes Maritimes, Italie, 
près de Cuneo, Italie.

C'est un événement artistique spécial, conçu par des importants jeunes 
artistes italiens, Domenico Olivero et Stefano Venezia.

Le 7 Septembre, à h 17:00, nous nous rencontrerons dans la Vallée Vallette, 
au centre du Parc des Alpes Maritimes, pour cette particulière performance 
artistique qui veut représenter une nouvelle façon de vivre dans une 
communication globale ainsi qu'un échange culturel parmis des artistes, et 
cela à l'intérieur d'un magnifique espace naturel.

Nous allons nous rencontrer pour en suite faire ensemble un bout de chemin 
en dialoguant sur les valeurs humaines.A la fin de cette promenade, chaque 
personne aura la possibilité de faire une sculpture avec la forme d'une 
constellation (dans ce cas l'Ourse Majeur, Great Bear).

Pour toutes informations veuillez visiter le site internet

Pour être éliminé de la mailing list "Innesto - Greffe - Graft", envoyer une 
e-mail à, et écrire la parole "unsubscribe" comme 


Happening in the Park

You are cordially invited to happening in the Park, for the performance 
"Innesto - Greffe - Graf" next 7 September 2002.

A original happening will take place in Alpi Marittime's Park, Italy, near 
Cuneo, Italy.

It is a special artistic event, designed by important Italian young artists, 
Domenico Olivero and Stefano Venezia.

Around the 7th of September in the afternoon ( 5 p.m) we will rendezvous in 
the Vallette Valley, in the centre of the Alpi Marittime's Park, for a 
particular art event in a public space. A new way for living in a global 
communication and a chat among artists and the audience, in a wonderful 
natural space.

We will meet and walk in an original procession with dialogs and comparisons 
about human values. At the end of the walking every person in the audience 
will build a sculpture in the shape of a constellation (in this case Ursa 
Major, Great Bear).

For all information and map, look web site:

To be removed from the Innesto-Greffe-Graf mailing list write to and  include the word "unsubscribe" in the subject 

Infotel: 3282159521
For all information look web site:

(c) Domenico Olivero & Stefano Venezia, all riserved

MSN Foto è il sistema più facile per condividere e stampare foto online:


Date: Tue, 06 Aug 2002 11:57:57 -0500
From: fran ilich <>
Subject: FW: borderhack 2003.

- ------ Mensaje reenviado
De: fran ilich <>
Fecha: Mon, 05 Aug 2002 02:54:27 -0500
Para: US Department of Art & Technology <>
Asunto: Re: borderhack 2003.

dear randall packer,
Secretary, US Department of Art & Technology

The borderhack organizers are really interested in the participation of your
state department at this binational event, which will surely make the bonds
beetween our countrys, much stronger. our work is focused on both
transculurization/transpollination events, and the influence which the
border strange attractor makes upon the immediate geographic area of both
our countrys, as well as the reasons which have created such an economical
and social disparity, which anyother academic can easily trace postcolonial
attitudes of criollos and mestizos who think of themselves as

your invitation to declare the border a free zone during the borderhach
festival, will surely be recognized  in the united states of méxico for
centurys to come, as a token of the good will of your people, a land which I
recognize as my cultural alma mater -me growing up in southern california
shopping malls-.

thanks in advance!

fran ilich.

> Hi Fran,
> The US Department of Art & Technology would like to participate in
> Borderhack 2003 by declaring the border where the festival is
> situated a "free cultural zone" while artistic activities and acts of
> mediation are taking place, August 16-17. The declaration will state
> that anyone participating or attending the festival can pass freely
> between the two nations, at this specific stretch of the border,
> during the two-day festival.
> A Declaration will be transmitted in an official letter from the
> Secretary of the US Department of Art & Technology directly to the
> President of the United States. The Declaration will also be
> distributed to our mutual press lists and posted on the Website of
> the US Department of Art & Technology.
> We are very excited to make Borderhack 2003 an opportunity to bridge
> cultural relations between our two nations, as an example of how art
> and culture can dissolve national differences throughout the world.
> We believe that in declaring the US - Mexico border a "free cultural
> zone," we are making a significant step towards resolving
> international crises that have at their root a lack of understanding
> and cooperation between nations and cultures.
> Please let me know if this is agreeable and you can include us among
> your participants.
> Thanks,
> Randall
> Secretary, US Department of Art & Technology

- ------ Fin del mensaje reenviado


Date: Tue, 6 Aug 2002 12:45:07 -0400
From: US Department of Art & Technology <>
Subject: Executive Order : Free Cultural Zone

RMP 02-06

Relating to the Designation of a
Free Cultural Zone
On the Mexico - US Border
at BORDERHACK 3.0! Festival of Media
August 16 - 18, 2002

Randall M. Packer, Secretary

THE PARTICIPATING NATIONS, In order to promote international 
co-operation and to achieve international peace and cultural 
understanding by the acceptance of obligations not to restrict border 
passage, by the prescription of open, informed cultural dialogue 
between nations, by the establishment of the understanding of the 
aspirations of the artist as a model for spiritual and moral conduct 
among Governments, and by the maintenance of the role of the artist 
as a mediator who transcends borders, and a scrupulous respect for 
the following EXECUTIVE ORDER, in accordance with the laws of the 
Constitution of the United States of America,

Agree to this Executive Order

WHEREAS, the US and Mexico are linked by geography,
sharing an approximately 2000-mile border;

WHEREAS, the US and Mexico are linked by history, with
significant portions of the land now comprising the southwestern states
having once been governed by Mexico;

WHEREAS, the US and Mexico are linked by culture, with many
Americans speaking Spanish, enjoying Mexican food
and art, and celebrating Mexican holidays
like Dies y Seis and Cinco de Mayo;

WHEREAS, the US and Mexico are linked economically, with Mexico
being the principal trading partner of bordering states;

WHEREAS, the US and Mexico are linked electronically
by Borderhack 3.0! Festival of Media in the border town of
Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, the host city
with its theme, ||Delete the Border;

WHEREAS, for the foregoing reasons, the US greatly values
the relationship with Mexico and regards a friendly and
cooperative relationship with Mexico as being of immense
importance to the US;

of the US Department of Art & Technology, by the authority
vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of this country, do
hereby designate the border dividing the US and Mexico
in the vicinity of the Borderhack 3.0! Festival of Media a


AND CHARGE the directors of the festival with duties that include,
but are not limited, to the following:

Represent the US and Mexico with executive power to direct any and 
all border officials to allow free passage between the two nations 
without identification or passport clearance in the vicinity of the 
Borderhack 3.0! Festival of Media;

Arrange and facilitate festival and all other and related cultural 
events, ceremonies of art, and other shamanistic activities without 
the imposition of unnecessary border restrictions which function as a 
dimensional vortex swallowing the traveler without papers;

Organize multimedia performance events and other forms of 
cyber-induced altered states of hypermediated consciousness that 
bring about the dissolution of patriotism and other dangerous 
patterns of behavior that encourage the evils of nationalism;

Promote good relations between the US and Mexico by staging 
experimental cultural activities that call for culture jamming, 
border hacking, and the general undermining of anachronistic, 
pre-21st Century tendencies in these post-apocalyptic times;

Create a contemporary theater of mythos and "cultural pathology" as a 
sui generis ceremonial space for people to reflect on their attitudes 
toward other cultures;

Any and all other activities incident to the foregoing or otherwise 
related thereto as appropriate or as requested as a significant step 
towards resolving international crises that have at their root the 
imposition of unnecessary borders and a lack of understanding and 
cooperation between nations and cultures;

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and cause the Great Seal
of the US Department of Art & Technology to be affixed. Done in the Nation's
Capitol in the City of Washington, DC this 6th day of August, 2002

Randall M. Packer
Secretary, US Department of Art & Technology
Washington, DC

* * *


Date: Sun, 4 Aug 2002 16:09:47 +0100
From: Simon Biggs <>

A Film and Video Umbrella online project

A 'mail-art' project in which online artists-in-residence are creatively
're-cycling' unwanted digital material deposited by subscribers to the
Tristero website.

Thomas Pynchon's late-Sixties state-of-America novel 'The Crying of Lot 49'
revolves around a phenomenon called the Tristero: a clandestine mail system
which operates under the radar of the US Postal Service, whose initiates
covertly inscribe and re-direct apparently innocent letters as a way of
sending coded messages to each other. The Tristero is a kind of hacker
underworld before the fact, a secret network of marginalised, dissident
elements who take pride in the creative re-purposing of overlooked or
discarded material, transforming dead-letters and junk mail into
multi-layered carriers of meaning.

At a time when junk email is reaching epidemic proportions, this Film and
Video Umbrella online project attempts to put some of the Tristero's ideas
into practice.

Marketing communications agency, The Big Group have developed a customised
digital image depository to which subscribers to the Tristero website can
donate waste material from their mailboxes or hard drives in the hope that
it will be transformed into ready-made, Merz-style artworks by artists.

The first artist-in-residence, Nick Crowe has been creating work throughout
July, and will be replaced by Simon Biggs on 5th August.

Forthcoming artists include Jacqueline Donachie and Michael Landy.

This bulletin has been sent to you by Film and Video Umbrella.

If you do not wish to receive information on Film and Video Umbrella
projects, please reply to this mail with "UNSUBSCRIBE" in the message

A direct link to Simon Biggs' version is at:

Simon Biggs

Research Professor
Art and Design Research Centre
Sheffield Hallam University, UK


Date: Mon, 05 Aug 2002 20:49:52 +0200
From: Volker Ludwig <>
Subject: PM: Zimmer, Pau, Bartsch und Claus singen im Chor


- --------------------------------------------------------------

Linke Kraft voraus

e-movie der PDS zum Wahlkampf

- --------------------------------------------------------------

Irgendwo auf den Sieben Weltmeeren. Westerwellen schlagen 
gegen den Bug. Ein CDU-Boot taucht auf. Und ab. Etwas liegt 
in der Luft, und das ist nicht nur der Zigarrenrauch des 
Kanzlers. Mit halber Kraft, aber voller Zuversicht schippern 
Wahlfänger Gerhard, der Fischer und seine Crew über den Ozean. 
Der rote Feuerball brennt auf ihre Gesichter. Die Bullaugen 
sind leer. Wird die MS Deutschland ihr Ziel erreichen? 

Plötzlich – ein Eisberg, mit dem keiner gerechnet hatte. Panik 
kommt auf – Ausweichmanöver werden unternommen. Kann eine 
Kursänderung das Schlimmste verhindern? Und dann bewegt sich 
dieser ominöse Eisberg auch noch. Garantiert kein Seemannsgarn,
sondern ein Reiseführer für Seefahrten auf dem Roten Meer: 
Die sind nicht immer lustig. Manchmal aber sehr unterhaltsam.

- --------------------------------------------------------------

Parallel zum Kino- und TV-Spot der PDS im Bundestagswahlkampf
stellt die Internetredaktion den aktuellen Flashfilm unter ins Netz. Idee, Texte und Illustrationen 
entstammen einmal mehr der Kreativschmiede DiG/Berlin unter
tatkräftiger Mithilfe der vier Parteispitzen, die ihre
goldenen Kehlen aufopferungsvoll in den Dienst ihrer Partei
gestellt haben. Zugegeben, die 4-minütige Animation verlangt
beim Download viel Geduld, dafür kommen Userinnen und User
voll auf ihre Kosten!

- --------------------------------------------------------------

DiG/Berlin - Agentur für Kommunikationskultur

DiG/Berlin ist eine junge Agentur, die neben Kunden in den 
Bereichen Kultur (Int. Filmfest Oldenburg, Independent Partners), 
Soziales (SODI e.V.) und Medien (Studio Berlin) die PDS im 
Online-Bereich konzeptionell und gestalterisch betreut.

Für Rückfragen stehen wir gerne zur Verfügung:
- --
Volker Ludwig
DiG / Berlin
Agentur fuer Kommunikationskultur
Saarbruecker Str. 29
10405 Berlin
phone:   +49 (0) 30 - 28 59 99 59
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