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Table of Contents:

   New activist security-news bulletin                                             
     Security News Admin <>                                          

   2002 Media Ecology Association Awards                                           
     "geert lovink" <>                                                

   August newsletter                                                               
     collection <>                                    

   3 New BeeHive Microtitles !! (fwd)                                              
     Alan Sondheim <>                                              

   Greetings from                                                 
     "Malcolm Lawrence" <>                                   

   i think i'm going to be sick                                                    
     "David Goldschmidt" <>                                  

   Video on the Internet - ONEWORLD TV                                             
     "George(s) Lessard" <>                                             

     "CIAC" <>                                                       

   The Interaction of Coloreds (Keith+Mendi @ the  Whitney's Museums Artport)      
     K Obadike <>                                               


Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2002 11:46:02 -0700 (PDT)
From: Security News Admin <>
Subject: New activist security-news bulletin

Security-news: A bulletin for the autonomous resistance movements

This announcement is to let folks know that the people who brought you have started a new weekly bulletin
"Security-news: A bulletin for the autonomous resistance movements".  

The goal of the newsletter is to empower activists to make educated
security decisions concerning their work and to highlight trends in
government and policing that may be of interest to those who routinely
counter the state security apparatus. The newsletter will include
security updates, tips and tricks, security site updates, news stories and
factoids for both technical and non-technical audiences. Please forward us
items for inclusion and feedback to

It just got up and running - the first two bulletins are archived
online. To sub or check out the archives go to

security news admin


Date: Thu, 1 Aug 2002 09:11:02 +1000
From: "geert lovink" <>
Subject: 2002 Media Ecology Association Awards

(time for a nettime award? maybe not. are you ready for the mark dery

Announcing the 2002 Media Ecology Association Awards:

The Marshall McLuhan Award for Outstanding Book in the Field of Media
Ecology to Douglas Rushkoff for Coercion: Why We Listen to What "They" Say

The Walter Benjamin Award for Outstanding Article in the Field of Media
Ecology to Erik P. Bucy and Kimberly S. Gregson for "Media Participation: A
Legitimizing Mechanism of Mass Democracy"

The Susanne K. Langer Award for Outstanding Scholarship in the Ecology of
Symbolic Form to Kevin G. Barnhurst and John Nerone for The Form of News: A

The Lewis Mumford Award for Outstanding Scholarship in the Ecology of
Technics to Jack Lule for Daily News, Eternal Stories: The Mythological Role
of Journalism

The Dorothy Lee Award for Outstanding Scholarship in the Ecology of Culture
to Susan B. Barnes for Online Connections: Internet Interpersonal
Relationshipsand to Stuart Biegel for Beyond Our Control? Confronting the
Limits of Our Legal System in the Age of Cyberspace

The John Culkin Award for Outstanding Praxis in the Field of Media Ecology
to William Bly and John McDaid  for Media Ecology Unplugged (Audio music
recording, available on CD and as downloadable MP3 files at

The Harold A. Innis Award for Outstanding Thesis or Dissertation in the
Field of Media Ecology to Janet Sternberg for Misbehavior in Cyber Places:
The Regulation of Online Conduct in Virtual Communities on the Internet

The Louis Forsdale Award for Outstanding Educator in the Field of Media
Ecology to Edmund Carpenter

The Jacques Ellul Award for Outstanding Media Ecology Activism to Parry


Date: Thu, 01 Aug 2002 15:49:31 -0400
From: collection <>
Subject: August newsletter

- -------------------------------------------------------------
Greetings from NYC                           August 2002
- -------------------------------------------------------------

Announcing the new acquisitions to the computerfinearts collection of netart
with works by: Andy Deck, YOUNG-HAE CHANG HEAVY INDUSTRIES, Yael Kanarek,
Zhang Ga, Igor Stromajer, Mark Amerika, and MTAA.

Andy Deck >
" takes a dark look at the infinite potential of the image,
challenging the fin de siecle tendency to celebrate the Internet and its
databases as a panacea for the reckless and destructive dynamics of
genocidal public "interaction."
requires Java enabled browser

requires Flash player.

Yael Kanarek > Hello
requires Flash player.

Yael Kanarek > Extreme Beauty
A love letter

Zhang Ga > etant donnés-2002
to be looked at with two eyes,
about 2 feet away (from the screen),
for precisely one minute;
clicked, even; red, yellow, blue
requires Real player 8

Igor Stromajer > unfortunately, 180.north - gps art
microbe.3 - intimate satellite communications art project
requires Java enabled browser

"an exploration into cyborg-narrators, virtual reality and the teleportation
of narrative consciousness into the electrosphere..."

MTAA have taken both side of the White Stripes single 'hello operator' and
chopped it up into a few hundred samples. each sample equals on revolution
of a 45RPM record. You access these revolution in a random way.
requires Flash 6 player.

- -------------------------------------------------------------

The collection will be featured in the show 'GENERATIVE ART 2002' at the
'Politecnico di Milano University, Italy' on December 2002.
netart collection
- -------------------------------------------------------------
to be removed from the 'monthly newsletter' mail list, just reply with
"remove" at the subject line. apologies for cross-posting.
- -------------------------------------------------------------


Date: Sat, 3 Aug 2002 22:24:31 -0400 (EDT)
From: Alan Sondheim <>
Subject: 3 New BeeHive Microtitles !! (fwd)



BeeHive is pleased to announce the release of three new Series 1

     by Alan Sondheim

     by Sheila Murphy

     by Talan Memmott

Series 1 Microtitles are short experimental fiction and essay titles in
Adobe PDF format.
Lightweight, portable, disposable -- not quite books, these ebook[lets] are
specially formatted for the Adobe Acrobat Reader for Palm OS.

Celebrate BeeHive's 5th year online
with the *new* issue of the BeeHive Journal

issue 5:1 includes ....

    > THE MEDDLESOME PASSENGER ~ scott rettberg

    > _][AD][DRESSED IN A SKIN C.ODE_ ~ mez

    > PANHANDLE ~ jason nelson

    > BJSK ~ chistophe ballange

And much, much, *much* more ....

trAce Online Writing School

Now is the perfect time to book a course to begin studying with us in
September.  Registration is open until Monday 9th September and there is a
£10 GBP discount for bookings via our new e-commerce site:

All courses are now ten weeks long including a free induction week run by
the trAce team.

Courses include:
* Hypertext and its Double - Talan Memmott
* Experimental Writing - Alan Sondheim
* Designing Web-Based Narratives - Carolyn Guertin
* Short Fiction - Kate Pullinger
* Web Design Workshop - Randy Adams

All of our courses are 100% online and are open to students around the

A tour of our virtual learning environment is available and can easily be
arranged by contacting Catherine Gillam by emailing either or



Date: Tue, 6 Aug 2002 23:23:45 -0700
From: "Malcolm Lawrence" <>
Subject: Greetings from

Greetings all,=20

I just found this mailing list and am glad I did. Just thought I'd =
introduce myself and say greetings from the Tower of Babel.=20

Take care of each other,

Malcolm Lawrence
Babel: The multilingual, multicultural
online journal and community of arts and ideas.
Yahoo: Malcs64
MSN: Malcs69
ICQ: 4661293
- ------------------------------------------------------------
Babel knows: Scientific theories have a way of proving themselves, =
regardless of whether policy makers and corporate heads believe them or =
- ------------------------------------------------------------


Date: Thu, 8 Aug 2002 00:05:42 -0400
From: "David Goldschmidt" <>
Subject: i think i'm going to be sick


Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2002 10:49:43 -0500
From: "George(s) Lessard" <>
Subject: Video on the Internet - ONEWORLD TV

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Subject:        	[CPI-UA] FW: [solaris]ONEWORLD TV

Worth taking a look at.


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From: []On Behalf
Sent: July 30, 2002 11:25 AM
Subject: [solaris]ONEWORLD TV

Dear Solaris subscribers,

At OneWorld we have been developing our use of video on the Internet - we
believe that this aspect of ICT represents a powerful and largely unrealised
tool to raise the impact of organisations working on human rights and
sustainable development. We are now in the process of publicly launching
OneWorld TV and details are below for your interest.

The UK newspaper The Guardian also has a piece on OneWorld TV this week,
available online here:,7558,764719,00.html

Many thanks,

Glen Tarman, Publicity Manager, OneWorld
tel: +44 (0)20 7091 4541 email:

- -------------------------------------------------------------------------

OneWorld (, the international network that includes 
more than 1250 NGOs across the globe, now leverages that broad reach to empower 
ordinary people to tell their own video stories on OneWorld TV 
(  OneWorld’s online interactive TV provides tools 
to integrate each story with those on similar topics from peers in other 

This radical approach marries the power of video with the Internet for
collaborative storytelling that helps complex issues come to life in the era of

“The future for video on the web is all about the immediacy of raw clips
from filmmakers themselves. For us, it means people on the frontline of
human rights stories who have a camcorder and can access the Internet to
place their footage on OneWorld TV,” says Peter Armstrong, Director of
OneWorld International and for 20 years an award-winning filmmaker for the

“Video offers a powerful medium that more and more people can use. We have
devised a format that prompts users to explore stories about climate change,
AIDS or the Middle East conflict in a totally new and interactive way.”

In developing this unique ‘open documentary’ software, OneWorld TV
encourages contributors in different countries to upload their own stories
to the site and to add clips to other people’s stories as part of this new
collaborative approach to storytelling online. OneWorld TV has been
developing links with a growing community of filmmakers, video journalists
and other contributors around the world. Their input is vital to put in
place each piece of the OneWorld TV global jigsaw.

Interactivity is the key to the process, not only in enabling producers to
edit and upload coverage from their laptop wherever they might be, but also in
offering the user a unique experience whereby he or she can choose their own
path through a given story landscape.

Watching OneWorld TV at a recent London BAFTA preview renowned film director
Mike Figgis concluded: “OneWorld TV is an impressive response to a global media
system that all too often is filtering out both innovation in film-making and
the wider communication of social issues to citizens around world. If you are a
filmmaker concerned about what's going on in our world today, add your stories
to OneWorld TV and join this radical network at the cutting edge of technology
and social change."

One organisation that has already seen the possibilities OneWorld TV offers is
Amnesty International. Their video reports investigating recent events in the
West Bank have been uploaded to the site. Amnesty’s Dan Thurley says: "OneWorld
TV is an exciting new space for NGOs, video activists and filmmakers to take
video and human rights out onto the web.  It combines the Internet and digital
cameras in the fight to save lives and reduce human suffering."

Gaza-based filmmaker Tamer Mansour said: “OneWorld TV enables me to tell the 
stories that you never see on the news – stories from the frontline about 
people here waiting for a chance for peace to come.” Amir Terkel, an Israeli 
filmmaker based in San Francisco said: “As someone working to bring out the 
voices of peace and coexistence in our region overlooked by mainstream media, 
OneWorld TV is like a reward for all those years of frustration - a vital 
window to the world".  

Research shows that people in the West gain their view of the world primarily 
from television. Yet the amount of factual programmes on the lives and issues 
affecting people in developing countries is decreasing as mainstream TV becomes 
more commercial and entertainment based. OneWorld TV also aims to help redress 
this growing trend providing a forum to increase international understanding 
and informed action on world poverty, human rights and the environment.  

The technical capacity needed to access video online largely restricts the 
audience to developed countries. To counter-balance this digital divide, 
OneWorld TV will be a place for voices from developing countries to articulate 
their own stories, agendas and perspectives to audiences that they would not 
otherwise reach.  


For media enquiries / to arrange interviews with a member of the team behind
OneWorld TV contact:
Glen Tarman (OneWorld Publicity Manager) tel: + 44 (0) 20 7091 4541 email:

Individuals and organisations who would like to contribute video stories or
become a member of the OneWorld TV community, should contact Jo Hill, 
tel: + 44 (0) 20 7091 4545.

- - ends -

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line or in the body of the message.

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                    - 30 -


Date: Thu, 1 Aug 2002 09:42:03 -0400
From: "CIAC" <>
Subject: =?iso-8859-1?Q?MAGAZINE_=C9LECTRONIQUE_DU_CIAC_NO_15?=

*Veuillez excuser les envois multiples*  (English follows)


Dans ce numéro intitulé "Explorations sonores", nous nous sommes intéressés
au nombre grandissant d'œuvres d'art conçues pour le Web qui sont centrées
sur le son. Cette édition réunit donc des réflexions sur la place du son
dans l'art
Web, particulièrement en ce qui a trait aux rapports variés qu'entretiennent
ces œuvres le son et l'image, le son et le texte, et enfin, le son et
l'espace du Web en tant que tel.

Anne-Marie Boisvert a rédigé un Dossier qui traite de ces questions,
cherchant à repérer dans un premier temps les caractéristiques et les
différents types d'œuvres Web sonores, pour ensuite tenter de mieux situer
celles-ci dans le contexte plus large de l'art contemporain, afin d'en
proposer un mode de réception et d'interprétation qui tiennent
compte de leur grande ouverture.

Nous avons voulu présenter dans la section réservée aux œuvres
électroniques un bon échantillonnage de ce qui se fait actuellement dans le
domaine de l'art sonore sur le Web. C'est ainsi que les œuvres Web sonores
d'artistes aussi variés que Reynald Drouhin,
Nancy Tobin, Glorious Ninth (Kate Southworth, Patrick Simons), LAB(au)
(Manuel Abendroth, Jerome Decock, Alexandre Plennevaux), Jean-Luc Lamarque,
Hidekazu Minami, Yucef Merhi, Émilie Pitoiset, Martin Wattenberg et [the
user] (Thomas McIntosh et Emmanuel Madan) sont commentées dans cette section
par Ned Bouhalassa, Rossitza Daskalova, Patrick Lafond, Valérie
Lamontagne, Sylvie Parent, Cécile Petit, Bernard Schütze et Brad Todd.

De plus, Anne-Marie Boisvert a réalisé une entrevue avec Mark Amerika, l'un
des artistes les plus importants à œuvrer sur le Web depuis 1993. Mark
Amerika est reconnu notamment pour sa trilogie GRAMMATRON / PHON:E:ME /
FILMTEXT, dont il est abondamment question dans la présente entrevue, ainsi
que pour le site Alt-X dédié
à la pratique et à la théorie de l'art Web.

Bernard Schütze quant à lui s'est intéressé dans le cadre de la rubrique
Site à voir à un important projet de collaboration internationale consacré à
l'expérimentation sonore. Ce projet, le site Crossfade, est né des efforts
conjoints du SFMOMA (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art), du
Goethe-Institut, du ZKM (Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe) et du Walker
Art Center (Minneapolis).

Finalement, Rossitza Daskalova offre un compte rendu du projet de
"net.ballet" diffusé en direct sur le Web par l'artiste Igor Stromajer,
originaire de l'Europe de l'Est, BALLETTIKKA INTERNETTIKKA.

Bonne lecture !

Anne-Marie Boisvert
Rédactrice en chef
Magazine électronique du CIAC
Centre international d'art contemporain
de Montréal
Courriel :


*Please excuse multiple postings*


In this issue of our Magazine entitled "Sound Explorations", we look more
closely at the the growing number of sound-based Web works. This issue
gathers reflections on the place of sound in Web art, especially the
relationships within these works between sound and image, sound and text,
and, finally, sound and cyberspace.

Anne-Marie Boisvert has written a Feature dealing with these questions where
she tries to locate the main characteristics and different types of
sound-based Web works in order to better situate them within the larger
context of contemporary art, and to offer a
mode of reception and interpretation that take into account their great

We wanted to present in our Web Works section a good sampling of the many
kinds of sound-based works currently made for the Web. Thus works by many
different artists such as Reynald Drouhin, Nancy Tobin, Glorious Ninth (Kate
Southworth, Patrick Simons), Lab(au) (Manuel Abendroth, Jerome Decock,
Alexandre Plennevaux),
Jean-Luc Lamarque, Hidekazu Minami, Yucef Merhi, Émilie Pitoiset, Martin
Wattenberg and [the user] (Thomas McIntosh and Emmanuel Madan) are commented
in this section by Ned Bouhalassa, Rossitza Daskalova, Patrick Lafond,
Valérie Lamontagne, Sylvie Parent, Cécile Petit, Bernard Schütze and Brad

Anne-Marie Boisvert also conducts an interview with Mark Amerika, one of the
most important artists working on the Web today, where he has been active
since 1993. Mark Amerika is well known among other projects for his trilogy
GRAMMATRON / PHON:E:ME / FILMTEXT, which is discussed at length in the
present interview, and
also for his Alt-X Web site that deals with both the theory and the practice
of Web art.

In the Spotlight section, Bernard Schütze looks at an important
international collaboration devoted to sound experimentations. This project,
the Crossfade Web site, is a joint venture of the SFMOMA (San Francisco
Museum of Modern Art), the Goethe-Institut, the ZKM (Center for Art and
Media, Karlsruhe) and the Walker Art Center

Finally, Rossitza Daskalova reports on the "net.ballet" project broadcasted
live on the Web by the East-European artist Igor Stromajer, BALLETTIKKA

Enjoy reading and navigating!

Anne-Marie Boisvert
Editor in Chief
CIAC's Electronic Magazine
Centre international d'art contemporain
de Montréal


Date: Fri, 2 Aug 2002 23:38:49 -0700 (PDT)
From: K Obadike <>
Subject: The Interaction of Coloreds (Keith+Mendi @ the  Whitney's Museums Artport)


     New Internet Art from Keith+ Mendi Obadike

Interdisciplinary artists Keith+Mendi Obadike present
The Interaction of Coloreds, an online brown paper bag
test. This project was commissioned by the Whitney
Museum’s <>,
where it will be featured during the month of August. 

"As ‘gentlemen prefer blondes,’ so everyone has a
preference for certain colors and prejudices against
others . . . As it is with people in our daily life,
so it is with color."

- --Josef Albers, Interaction of Color, p. 17

Interaction of Coloreds Color Check System®
Hyper-Race® Based Solutions for the Discriminating

* Do you own stock in an airline that offers online
ticketing? Are you worried about how the current
climate of fear affects your profits? How can your
airline offer lower rates on the web to customers with
non-threatening bodies?

*Are you looking for love in a chat room? When someone
describes himself as "tall, dark, and handsome" would
you like to be able to tell exactly how "dark" he is? 

*Do you represent a money-lending institution? Do you
need online skin color verification for the purposes
of determining projected property value? 

*Are you a member of a new African-American web portal
or an old Negro social club looking for a way to
maintain your club's discriminating tastes in the
information age? 

*Are you an art collector investing in made by
a colored artist? Do you need a method of determining
the effect of the artist's body on the value of the

Try the Interaction of Coloreds Color Check System®!

"With the discovery that color is the most relative
medium in art, and that its greatest excitement lies
beyond rules and canons, a more sensitive
discrimination was needed." 

- -- Josef Albers, Interaction of Color, p. 66

Keith+Mendi Obadike

"Listen!" Jon Hendricks

(new work 9/21/01)


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