Dan Sheetz on Sun, 28 Apr 2002 05:06:56 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> flash. flash. flash. digest [sawad, klima, hwang]

As a professional Flash and PHP programmer, I just have one small thing to
say about why flash is important, whether or not it is as powerful as C or
some other more "real" programming language:

Flash actionscript is tied in very very directly with visual representations
of its alleged object-oriented-ness; it takes the programmatic notion of the
'object' and makes it very close to literal.  I can nest one object inside
another and literally _watch_ the properties inherit inward.  I challenge
someone to show me another environment that can do that in a matter of

Yeah, yeah, there are other visual environments that allow one to create
interactive environments visually, but none that I know of comes even close
to Flash in terms of allowing a programmer to visualize their objects
quickly and easily in an environment that just about anyone in the world can
view.  That combined with the fact that it is fairly standards-compliant
(yes, its proprietary, but so is Java and I don't hear too many people
griping about that) makes it an environment that is sure to be around for a
long time to come.  Once your TV has interactive controls for individual
"shows", do you really think that's all going to be coded in C++ or Java?
Not me.  My money's on Flash, or some variant thereof.

All you purist turbo-geeks out there better get used to it  ;-)
(that's a joke, people)

Have a nice weekend.

Dan Sheetz

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