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financial statement is available upon request.
Rhizome.org are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Our
Rhizome.org is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Contributions to


Founder & Executive Director
Mark Tribe

Sincerely yours,

Rhizome is your platform. It is your community. Please make a gift now.

may be sent to Rhizome.org, 115 Mercer Street, New York NY 10012.
donations via PayPal at www.rhizome.org/support. Checks or money orders
We gratefully accept secure online credit card contributions or

the Rhizome web site.
Kevin McCoy at the $1,000 level. And every donation is acknowledged on
the $100 level; and a limited edition digital C-print by Jennifer &
levels: a signed copy of *The Language of New Media* by Lev Manovich at
sweet Rhizome.org T-shirt. We've also added some new premiums at higher
by Yael Kanarek when you donate $25, and at the $50 level you get a
email forwarding for one year, you will receive a mousepad with artwork
contribution will earn a premium. Now, a donation of $10 will give you
difference. To emphasize this, we've lowered the level at which your
please remember that every gift, no matter how small, makes a
support, or you are contemplating giving to Rhizome for the first time,
Whether you have given before and are thinking about increasing your

community values what we do.
future. Your gift will also demonstrate to foundations that our
technologies, and further our efforts to preserve new media art for the
audiences, provide new opportunities for artists working with digital
rely on, develop new programs that will allow us to reach out to new
provide services that the growing new media art community has come to
afloat in the short-term. A gift at this time will help us continue to
Rhizome's long-term outlook is bright, but we need your help now to stay

to relief efforts and related charities).
(people have less money due to economic hard times and are giving more
will be harder now for us to approach individuals outside our community
foundation had to reduce their grant award to us by one third) and it
reduction in support from foundations due to shrinking endowments (one
felt the effects of its aftermath. We have already experienced some
Rhizome wasn't directly harmed by the events of September 11, we have
wake of September 11, our funding prospects have dimmed. Even though
It cost over $300,000 last year to support all this activity, but in the

astounding 1500% to over six million hits and 25,000 unique visitors per
London, New York, and San Francisco. Usage of our web site grew an
archive. We also hosted 15 free public events in places like Belfort,
empowers artists to drive the process of adding new artworks to the
site, and develop a new submission system for the Rhizome ArtBase, which
support we were able to launch five new email lists, redesign the web
year we have grown rapidly as our community has grown. With member
Rhizome.org is now in a particularly challenging position. Over the past

support now more than ever.
year because the community has doubled in size and because we need your
December 31st. We've doubled our goal for the Community Campaign this
the Rhizome.org Community. This year, our goal is to raise $20,000 by
Last year, we raised just over $11,000 in donations from the members of

Hi Jo:

Mime-Version: 1.0
Subject: Rhizome Community Campaign 2001
From: Mark Tribe <mark@rhizome.org>
To: 404@jodi.org
Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2001 23:00:00 -0500
X-Sender: mary@rhizome.org


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  no degdelwonkca si noitanod yreve dnA .level 000,1$ eht ta yoCcM niveK
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 sredro yenom ro skcehC .troppus/gro.emozihr.www ta laPyaP aiv snoitanod
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                                                              ebirT kraM
                                            rotceriD evitucexE & rednuoF


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        ruO .wal yb dewolla tnetxe eht ot elbitcuded-xat era gro.emozihR
                          .tseuqer nopu elbaliava si tnemetats laicnanif


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