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   Need Help for Media-Activist Manual                                             
     "" <>                                             

     "h.d.mabuse" <>                                              

   _Moderator Intentions Regarding the _arc.hive_ Mailing List_ (fwd)              
     Alan Sondheim <>                                              

   International Computers *Error* ++ _x + x + x + x + x + x + x + x + x =         
     jimpunk <>                                                       

   seeking Professor of Human Rights, Democracy and New Media                      
     Danielle Riou <>                                                   

   New serial novel, "Davos," on-line                                              
     Jim Fleming <>                                               

   NET.PERFORMANCE - FUSCO/DOMINGUEZ                                                                                                          

   Call for Submission to Sarai Reader 02                                          
     geert lovink <>                                                    


Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2001 17:11:47 +0100
From: "" <>
Subject: Need Help for Media-Activist Manual

Need Help for Media-Activist Manual
Call this : a Call for Action !

We invite Practising Media-Activists, whatever your media or 
experience, to Contribute. To a Media-Activist Manual (MAM).

/Why Now ?/
Because lots of Otra Mundistas are moving these days in the LowLands !

D14 will be the culminating point of half a year of protests against 
European capitalist globalisation. D14 takes place in Brussels during 
the "summit" at the end of Belgium's Presidency of the European Union.

We, as media-activists, take advantage of this Moment to gather as 
much of Media-Activist Experience as we can during the protests of 
Sept.22 (Liege), 0ct.19 (Gent) and Dec.14 (Brussels) and make them 
available for all those who'll be working as media-activists in the 

/MAM : What ?/
This Media-Activist Manual will consist of a true Manual, Printed on 
Paper, together with a MAM-Website.

/MAM : Three Parts /
The MAM'll contain three chapters
#1 The Media-Activism Experience
txtwriting/html/video/interview/audio/sound system/entartâge 
(see:Bill Gates)/flyer and so on
you name it/and then turn it into a new Activist Media !
#2 Function-ing of Corporate Media
analysis and critique, based on writings of Serge Halimi, Ignacio 
Ramonet, Ben Bagdikian, Michael Parenti, Noam Chomsky, Robert 
McChesney and YOU, if you decide to send us your opinion
#3 Media-Activism
Frequently Made Observations ("Media-making is incompatible with 
Activism"/"You should be balancing sources" / "You people ask the 
right questions, but give the wrong answers" / "Amateurs ! 
Professional journalism is ten times better" and so on..)
should get Smart Answers

/Editors /
Allthough the MAM is not an IndyMedia-initiative, the 
Collectors-Editors (han Soete, Timothee "LadyRedKitten" Genot, Raf 
Custers) want to build this manual on the collective IndyMedia-energy.
We have all been collaborating with IndyMedia-Belgium since its start 
in June 2000. We also throw in our professional backgrounds as web- & 
graphic designer & journalist.
The Antwerp based publishing house EPO ( one of the very few 
remaining leftist publishers in the World) wants to print the book in 
Dutch and probably French. Contacts with editors in Italy and 
elsewhere have been established. Anyone who wants to translate the 
texts in English, Deutsch... FEEL FREE !

/Deadline /
December 2001

/Contributions & Suggestions to :

- -- 


Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2001 17:01:07 -0200
From: "h.d.mabuse" <>
Subject: =?iso-8859-1?Q?Maracatu_Le=E3o_Coroado?=

We are proud to announce the launching of the Maracatu Leão Coroado’s 
Project! Please read the release below. For further information, don’t 
hesitate in contacting us.
- ---
Maracatu Leão Coroado

h.d. mabuse ( )
Sérgio Angelim (

Recife. Estuary city, built over land reclaimed from the sea, originally 
mangrove swamps. Since the last decade, some of the richer aesthetic, 
cultural, and technological experiences in Brazil have been sprouting from 
this fertile soil.

November 7th, 2001 marked the start of an experience without precedents in 
the country, involving technology, culture and history.

The agent of this experience is the Maracatu Leão Coroado. Founded in 1863, 
it is one of the oldest maracatu nations in Brazil, being nowadays the most 
traditional in Pernambuco. The stage is Águas Compridas, a poor community 
in Olinda  another main city in Recife’s metropolitan region.
The project, which combines tradition with new communication technologies, 
took off on November 7th, when Maracatu Leão Coroado unveiled its official 
website ( The site’s main goals are acting as a 
communication link between Águas Compridas and the world; being a reference 
for maracatu studies on the internet, having the most complete and accurate 
content on the topic on the web today; being an open space not only for 
other maracatus but also for any other cultural entity in the region.

The experience is an initiative of Maracatu Leão Coroado and friends, and 
is supported by strategic technological organizations in Recife: NEWStorm, 
which developed Notitia, a web publishing tool that allows users without 
technical knowledge to produce and maintain content on the internet; 
C.E.S.A.R  the Recife Center for Advanced Studies and Systems  which, since 
its foundation, in 1996, has been a technological partner in many social 
and cultural projects in Pernambuco; CDI  the Committee for Informatics 
Democratization  which is helping the community create an EIC (Escola de 
Informática e Cidadania  Informatics and Citizenship School) in Águas 

In a second moment, foreseen for the end of December, there will be the 
inauguration of the EIC, which will give the tools for the community to 
maintain and evolve the website by themselves, and the launching of Águas 
Compridas’ online periodical. Another milestone in this phase will be the 
start of the construction of Maracatu Leão Coroado’s headquarters (Casa 
Luís de França).

In a third moment, expected for the second semester of 2002, Leão Coroado’s 
headquarters will be inaugurated and the process of creating new cultural 
and technological multipliers and leaders within Águas Compridas and 
surroundings will be in full speed.

Thinking globally and acting locally, Maracatu Leão Coroado intends to 
create an environment where most of the community needs are taken care of 
by themselves. This will be achieved through the social organization, based 
on its headquarters in Águas Compridas, and with the technological tools at 
hand. Within this scenario there are countless possibilities: 
professionalizing courses; communitarian radios; workshops on art, music, 
and science; electronic art, digital recording studios. For the community, 
the website is just the beginning.
Press-release, photos, music and wallpapers
Maracatu Leão Coroado’s website

Newstorm, developer of Notitia.
Web content publishing software.
Centro de Estudos e Sistemas Avançados do Recife
(Recife Center for Advanced Studies and Systems)
Comitê para a Democratização da Informática
(Committee for Informatics Democratization)


Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2001 22:21:00 -0500 (EST)
From: Alan Sondheim <>
Subject: _Moderator Intentions Regarding the _arc.hive_ Mailing List_ (fwd)

- -

Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 11:36:32 +1100
From: "][s][.Urge.Protect.][or][" <>

_Moderator Intentions Regarding the _arc.hive_ Mailing List_

_Define:: Moderator:_
::any substance used to slow down neutrons in nuclear reactors
::someone who presides over a forum or debate
::someone who mediates disputes and attempts to avoid violence

   Obviously the criteria that governs moderation on the _arc.hive_ list
doesn't slide easily or definitively into any the categories listed above.
The expectation that the _arc.hive_ list exists in/under - in terms of
moderation - is that there won't actively (need to) be any, in terms of a
heavy handed force from above that will fix or sweep, pick or chastise in
regards to the lists subscribers/content. In my own naive fashion, I'd like
to assume that an implicit respect for others will allow for extant
list-meaning fractures/interactions without necessary recourse to
established methods of list construction and expectation [what others terms
as "nettique"....which is not a statically defined/absolute term, nor
should it be - though some view it as such].

   Hopefully the everyday communication traffic that exists in/on the
_arc.hive_ list [and therefore, in turn creates the perceived community]
will be guided by this underlying/inherent respect loading [ie respect for
other subscribers/posters as well as for the actual content of their
posts.] This isn't to assert that the list should be sanitized in terms of
content, nor that  _arc.hivers_ should deliberate or over-cogitate before
posting [unless that's your orientation, obviously] as the value of a type
of affective communication/posting is also acknowledged, such as the
instinctual reactive "text-flick".

   Correspondingly, _arc.hivers_ will be free in terms of the volume of
postings they send to the list, as it is assumed that anyone who is
technologically astute enough to join and participate in a mailing list is
also able to filter unwanted postings or request help in this regard. The
only manifest qualifier in regards to posting - as I've stressed previously
- - is this latent or actual respect nuancing at all times. This allows for a
surprising amount of scope and emotional & intellectual territory to be
covered if the default assumption is that a subscriber is trying to
_communicate_ rather than spam or fragment the list community. It's a
guideline I'd like to assume exists in the _arc.hive_ underwiring, and this
[hopefully] will not need to be enforced in terms of regular moderator actions.

- -

   The _arc.hive_ list [as it currently] functions is a
catcher/dissemination node of all things net, incremental or otherwise. All
that is classed by regular [email] communication channels as textual
refuse, experimental pap, or elements to be filtered or ignored are welcome
here - as are expressions we have come to expect of a burgeoning in terms of cohesive infodata - such as debates, issues,
announcements, calls to participation/conferences, etc. Content alteration
is another area that will be encouraged here, on a
creative/expressive/performative level.

  This informatically diverse mix won't cater directly for every
expectation, especially if those who hold the expectations are unable to
extend their perceptions towards building a community/list space in which
the underlying aim is to create and express via an avenue where value [of
both poster and post] is the primary consideration. What Martin [ftr] and I
had in  mind when formulating this list was the need to offer an
alternative to existent methods of net.wurk formulation [in terms of theory
& shape.age] via email lists and the communities that are shaped around them.

   We hope you will feel comfortable joining and contributing to
_arc.hive_. Go to:
to subscribe.


mez and ftr.

. . .... .....
.... . .??? .......


Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 11:41:31 +0100
From: jimpunk <>
Subject: International Computers *Error* ++ _x + x + x + x + x + x + x + x + x = 


International Computers *Error*
Your ICE Text ~ 70

[ Cadavres Exquis ]
- ------------------------------------------------------------------------

_I invite you to take part at a new approach of surrealistic "cadavres
_Called ICE the International Computers *Error*
_What do you have to do ?
_Add one word or one sentence in the text area at the top
_Send and see the result with the others text in the second part of ICE
_x + x + x + x + x + x + x + x + x =
_Be imaginative and don't forget your text is going to be added to others
_It's anonymous and open to all
_The + important is the final/text at The End





best regards



Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 13:22:49 -0500
From: Danielle Riou <>
Subject: seeking Professor of Human Rights, Democracy and New Media

Bard College seeks to hire a distinguished scholar or practitioner for
position of Henry R. Luce Professor of Human Rights, Democracy, and New

The Luce Professor at Bard will teach in his or her primary fields of
specialization and help develop an interdisciplinary program of research

and teaching in human rights and media, bringing together students and
faculty from the arts, literature, social studies, and the sciences.

The Professorship is designed to encourage innovative study of the ways
which new information and communications technologies have affected,
questions about, and are at play in struggles for and around democracy
human rights. Critical and inventive approaches, whether at the level of

theory and methodology or that of discipline, period, and field, are

Research and teaching will be undertaken in the context of Bard's
undergraduate program in Human Rights, the New York City-based Program
Globalization and International Affairs, the International Human Rights
Exchange, as well as the College's long-term commitment to innovative
approaches in the social sciences and international education.

The appointment is for a six-year term, with possible renewal for an
additional three years. Salary, benefits, rank, and tenure
are flexible and commensurate with experience.

Applications should include a letter outlining an approach to the
of the Professorship, curriculum vitae, names of three referees, and
samples of relevant work. Nominations are also welcomed.

Applications and nominations will be accepted until the position is
filled, and
should be addressed to:

Luce Professor Search
Attn: Prof. Thomas Keenan or Danielle Riou
c/o Human Resources
Bard College
Annandale-on-Hudson, NY 12504

more info at:

org:Human Rights Project;Bard College
title:Research Associate
adr;quoted-printable:;;Annandale, NY=0D=0A12504=0D=0AUSA=0D=0A;(845) 758-7332;;;
fn:Danielle Riou


Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2001 20:01:46 -0500
From: Jim Fleming <>
Subject: New serial novel, "Davos," on-line

- -- 
Greetings --

Over the next eleven weeks, in serial installments posted every other 
day, Autonomedia will publish on-line a translation of a new novel in 
34 episodes written by the Swiss author Daniel de Roulet.

The novel "Davos: Everyone is Coming Down" is set around the resort 
town in the Swiss Alps that hosts the annual World Economic Forum, 
and involves a tactical plan to strike against the mobile telephone 
relay station for the 2002 meetings of the WEF, leaving participants 
and the media without a primary communications infrastructure.

In reality, the 2002 WEF will start at the end of January, not in 
Davos but in New York City, a change of venue announced in early 
November. There are surely many reasons for the re-location of the 
Forum. It may be that many American corporate executives don't trust 
the airlines over the Atlantic. And someone in the Davos civil 
government, or in Zurich or Geneva, may have decided that after Genoa 
and Quebec, their beloved Alpine village was no place for the 
confrontations which have become the hallmark of globalization talks 
in recent years.

But there is perhaps yet another reason for leaving Davos. After this 
novel was already written, a Zurich Sunday newspaper published 
front-page reports of an alleged terrorist plan to attack the mobile 
telephone relay station to be used by the upcoming meeting, a story 
published on the same day as the other announcement. So the question 
occurs: did somebody take the fiction of Davos for reality? You can 
judge for yourself...

In any event, "Davos" will be posted to the Autonomedia web site at beginning today, November 14, and 
will continue on a Monday - Wednesday - Friday schedule through the 
beginning of the actual meetings, January 31, 2002.


Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2001 22:53:22 EST

Dolores from 10h to 22h
Net.performance by Coco Fusco and Ricardo Dominguez
Presented by Kiasma, Helsinki’s Museum of Contemporary Art
November 22, 2001

When we got to the door they started going through our things. They found the 
questionnaires in my purse and didn’t let me in to work…They took me straight 
to the office, they shut me in the office to interrogate me, to scare me, and 
to threaten me. They asked me what political party I belonged to, if I was a 
revolutionary, as if I were a guerrilla, as they said. They were threatening 
me, and frightening me – and I did get scared because they said they were 
going to call the police, that they were going to arrest me.

Delfina Rodriguez, maquiladora worker in Tijuana, Mexico

Dolores from 10h to 22h is based on the testimony of Delfina Rodriguez, whom 
Coco Fusco interviewed in 1998. 

This net.performance is simulated evidence that will be streamed via 
surveillance cameras to your screen.

If you wish to log on to the performance you can go the following URL:

If you wish you view the net.performance at a public venue, the following 
institutions will be presenting the piece as a marathon movie-viewing 

Mexico City: 
X-Teresa Arte Alternativo
Lic. Verdad 8
Centro Histórico
Tel: (55 42 76 33)

Institute for International Visual Art
6-8 Standard Place
Rivington St.
Tel: (0207) 729 9616

Galerija Kapelica
Kersnikova 4

Museum of Contemporary Art
185 Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest
Tel: 514 847 6226

Los Angeles
Art in Motion Festival
University of Southern California School of Fine Arts
Tel: 213 821 1620

The Gunnery
43-51 Cowper Wharf Road
Tel: 93 58 18 99

Check with each institution for local viewing times.


Date: Sun, 18 Nov 2001 20:29:53 +1100
From: geert lovink <>
Subject: Call for Submission to Sarai Reader 02

Call for Submission to Sarai Reader 02
Word Limit : 2000-4000 words
Last date of Submission - 5th December, 2001
Respond with ideas, immediately, to :


Dear Readers,

As you may be aware, this list grew out of a need for a forum to discuss the
contents of the Sarai Reader 01;The Public Domain, published in February
2001. One of the key factors that will ensure that the list continues to
an active life will be the publication of the Sarai Reader 02.  We, at Sarai
would like to invite you all to contribute to the content of the second
Reader. Just as this list grew out of the first Reader, we would like the
second (and subsequent) Reader/s, to grow, in large measure, out of the

This time, the reader will focus on the theme of 'City:Space/Flow'. This
thematic focus has been chosen to highlight Sarai's engagement with urban
space,media,culture & politics.

We choose to characterize city spaces, not just as metropolitan
but as   circuits and  concentrations of people, built forms, data, media
practices, transports, regulations and transgressions around space and
habitation, and as sites of resistance and invention as well as provocations
for the explorations of visible and invisible social realities.


We are interested in the way cities connect to each other in global space,
migrations and sites of marginality, in histories of neighbourhoods and in
investigations of urban cultural practices, city ecologies and in accounts
analyses of media/technological forms that arise and thrive in city spaces.

We are particularly interested in accounts of spaces where media forms and
urban life intersect - such as cinema halls, cybercafes, video game
electronic goods markets, and entertainment/leisure districts in cities.

We are also looking for :

evocative reports of everyday city life from across the globe. What is it
like to wake up in Mexico city, what are the fears stalking the subways of
New York in the wake of 9/11, what does the din of construction sound like
Shanghai, and what are the narratives of war that collect in the Afghan
refugee settlements in Peshawar or Karachi?  Writing of quality and passion
on questions such as these will find acceptance in the second Sarai Reader

We are interested in :

first person accounts, or in-depth conversations with city folk - say an
interview with a call centre worker in New Delhi, or the first person
narrative of a day trader in Singapore or Mumbai.

in debates around media practices, surveillance, intellectual property
rights,  free software and forms of cultural and technological intervention
that challenge dominant media practices.

in 'little histories' - of radio, of  interventions on the internet, of film
posters, of street photography, and film viewing.

We are also interested in publishing brief (1000-1500) word profiles of new
media/urban culture practice and research spaces like Sarai elsewhere in the


Submissions may be scholarly, journalistic, or literary - or a mix of these,
in the form of essays, papers, interviews or diary entries. All submission,
unless specifically, solicited must be in English only.

Word Limit : 1500 - 4000 words

Submissions must be sent by e mail in rich text format (rtf) or star-office
documents. Articles may be accompanied by black and white photographs or
drawings submitted in a jpeg format.

We urge all writers, to follow the Chicago Manual of Style, (CMS) in terms
footnotes, annotations and references, for more details about the CMS,
see the Florida State University web page on CMS  style documentation  at

All contributions should be accompanied by a three - four line text
introducing the author.

All submissions will be read by the editorial collective of the Sarai Reader
02 before the final selection is made. The editorial collective reserves the
right not to publish any material sent to it for publication in the Sarai
Reader on stylistic or editorial grounds. All contributors will be informed
of the decisions of the editorial collective vis a vis their contribution by
December 15, 2001.

Copyright for all accepted contributions will remain with the authors, but
Sarai reserves indefinitely,  the right to place any of the material
for publication on the public domain in print or electronic forms, and on

Accepted submissions will not be paid for, in order help keep the public
domain free of commerce, but authors are guaranteed a wide international
readership. The Reader will be published in print, distributed in India and
internationally, and will also be uploaded in a pdf form on to the Sarai

All contributors whose work has been accepted for publication will receive
two copies of the Reader.

Word Limit : 1500 - 4000 words
Last date for submission - December 5th 2001.
(but please write as soon as possible to  with a brief
outline of what you want to write about - this helps in designing the
of the reader)
We expect to have the reader published by mid February 2002.

please send in your responses to :


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