florian schneider on Wed, 25 Jul 2001 13:27:34 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> police brutality after the protests continues

[as it seems a lot of people got arrested yet days 
after the protests in genova. below there's an alert 
from the publix theatre caravan, one of the media busses 
travelling from bordercamps to counter summits to
bordercamps during a summer of resistance... 
a protest letter initiated by artists and curators is 
currently circulating in german language. there are 
rumors, that the arbitrarily imprisoned activists 
of the publix theatre caravan were treaten extremely 
brutally by police: bashed out teeth and broken arms. 
meanwhile many people returning from genoa report about 
a police practise, which they can only call torture. here 
in germany the published opinion finally seems to turn: 
after days of propaganda, now mainstream media start to 
report about "heavy accusations against the italian 
police". the bordercamp at the frankfurt international 
airport, where the publix theatre caravan was travelling 
to, starts on friday. yesterday authorities gently offered 
exactly the campsite, which was supposed to be squatted 
after futile negotations over weeks. more soon! /fls]

24/07: activists of the publixTheatreCaravane got arrested

activists of the "publixTheatreCaravane: no border no
nation" were stopped by the italien police in the eastern part of recco
and got arrested. the "karawane "was on the way from genua to the
bordercamp in frankfurt. not much is known since it is not possible to
get in contact with any of the 16 austrian activists of the "karawane".
with the "karawane" there were also 5 people of other countries but we
don`t know anything about them either. the austrian office in italy
confirmed the arrest and gave us the information that they are all in
different prisons. we don`t know what the accusations are against
them. from the media we heard that on wednesday it will be decided
if they will be deported from italy or imprisoned.

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