sebastian on Wed, 25 Jul 2001 12:59:08 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> re: G8 protest thread

> > > You are doing damage to innocent bystanders (networks and their
> > > administrators, customers of these networks, consumers of these networks)
> > > just like the rioters are raiding stores in the riot areas that are owned
> > > by people who have nothing to do with the G8.
> >
> > correction, everyone has to do with g8. we all do. and especially people who
> > maintain networks, websites, etc, of them. the important thing in this kind
> > of battles here is to show and display discontempt. there's not much left
> > there to do.
> I disagree.  Indiscriminately lashing out at institutions solves
> nothing.  Focused non-violent protest with a clear media-friendly message
> will do a hell of a lot more than setting cars on fire and attacking
> police.  Compare the successes of Martin Luther King to the successes of
> the Weather Underground if you'd like a case study.

i guess the movement that has emerged consists of non-violent protest
with a media-friendly message *plus* setting cars on fire and attack=
ing police, and i don't see why this a) should be regarded as a "con=
tradiction" or b) should lead to any kind of "solution" in either way

my only conclusion when comparing the successes of martin luther king
to the successes of the weather underground is that they all got shot

best, sebastian

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