brian carroll on Tue, 24 Jul 2001 09:30:37 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Re: from quebec to genoa

>no "inside passes" were given to indymedia or itinerant journos.

  this is an interesting statement, as a similar wording was used
  by US Attorney General John Ashcroft in appointing a new director
  of the FBI, whom is from the San Francisco area and focussed on
  'cybercrime', including hacking and intellectual property issues.
  in his speech, the US Attorney General said something to the effect:

  ~make no mistake, "There will be no Free Passes in Cyberspace",
  or something like that.

  at first this rhetoric seemed to me to mean that the 'outlawness'
  of wild happenings, such as computer virus' and espionage issues
  would mean one couldn't pilfer and pillage without sanction. but
  then, and now, with Intellectual Property issues, and the recent
  actions offline, this may also be interpreted as there will be
  'no free information', and 'no free thought', and 'no free action'
  online, without consequence. such that, say given copyright and
  an aggressive enforcement of software licensing and libel and
  even seditious free thought therein, that the hacker crackdown
  could include anyone whom does not 'pay their dues' to belong
  in the online (and offline) fraternity, run by who knows who.

  read a quote from an old notebook, not sure who said it, but:

  "the University is [the Museum and Police Force] of knowledge."

  seeing cyberspace in the public domain...

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