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<nettime> Genoa, 21-22 july 2001: dossier about violations of civil and human rights

Genoa, 21 - 22 july 2001
dossier about violations of civil and human rights

by <jaromil@dyne.org>

This dossier contains documentation about the night between the 21 and the 22
july 2001, when in Genoa the Indipendent Media Center was aggressed by the
police under unjustified circumstances, provoking many injuries, arresting
people and destroying hardware and documentation about the Global Social Forum
and the AntiG8 initiatives there organized. This dossier wants to explicitly
address the basic violations of civil and human rights made by the italian
government in charge in the 2001 by witnessing the events of one long night in
genova thru various documents publicly available at that time and reachable
thru various media.

The antig8 archive aims to gather information in a way as more reproducible as
possible, being easy to mirror and to mantain, able to survive to the natural
decay of webservers and weblinks: spreaded and time resistant information
becomes impossible to censor and to localize, while representing a complete
dossier addressing an important historical event, in the consciousness that -
politically speaking - the memory of such events being documented here is the
most hard and important thing to keep fresh thru time.

This dossier is a tribute to the freedom of speech, and to the work that many
people in italy as in the rest of the world is doing to keep it intact.

Mon Jul 24 00:16:03 gmt 2001, in memory of Carlo Giuliani.

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