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"" <>
     accounts from italy
florian schneider <>
     imc genoa being attacked by police
Patrice Riemens <>
     more news on Genoa
"Lorenzo Taiuti" <>
     SmallTalkG8= COLOURS!!
jaromil <>
     [ -ALLSORTS-IMC and GSF raids - one shocking 

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Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2001 10:32:23 -0400
From: "" <>
Subject: accounts from italy

According to our sources
the raid was carried out as an 'article 41' , which enables a
search to be carried out WITHOUT a warrant
Please let me know if  anyone has informaiton to the contrary

Here is our account, based on press reports

content-wire is happy to publish any documentation 
incuding fotographs, if you have any send them via email

paola di maio

G8 Security Concerted Violence to Justify Repression

Non violent protesters have been framed, weapons planted in the press
office, the press is lied to, intellectuals call 'abuse of power'. 

22 July 2001 2 pm GMT 

Last night, a commando of security forces 
raided a school in Genoa, in the press room of the Genoa Social Forum 

The raid was carried out without a 
magistrate mandate, on the basis of police suspicion. 

Two incendiary bottles were found, knives and other weapons including
hammers, iron bars, - not fire arms - and the motive for the raid was
'delinquet association to the aim of devastation and robbery'. 

92 people were arrested, of which only 15 italians, and 66 wounded. 

They also seized cameras and other media equipment. 

The police showed the bounty to journalists this morning, as if to justify
their action, but refused to answer any questions attempting to explore and
shed light on some dubious dynamics of the action. 

The press insisted that certain aspects of the operation needed
clarification, but the forces refused to comment 

Prominent intellectuals, including film directors Citto Maselli, and other
media professionals including Ricky Tognazzi, Ettore Scola e Franco
Giraldi, expressed to the Newspaper La Repubblica serious doubts about the
legitimacy of the blitz: "What has happened resembles the abuse of police
power typical of south American dictatorships They just wanted to have the
last word, give their lesson 

We are shocked and very worried," 

Film director Maselli managed to get into the raid scene and filmed about 
what was left, devastation and blood everywhere. 

"Black Block activists were able to stir up violence without being
interrupted by the forces because they were part of a concerted action
aimed to stir up violence" cries Don Vitaliano della Sala, head of the
local parish later backed by Luca Casarini, leader of the peaceful
protesters: "We have the evidence" he says "Evidence that black block and
the paramilitary are working together" 

tell the observers to the newspaper La Repubblica. 

The antiglobalisation protesters claim to have photographic evidence that
the 'black block' and the paramilitary worked together, some came straight
out of the barracks dress up in black and carrying iron bars. 

"I have seen some of the black block members, with their 
faces covered up coming out of a police van. That's the only way we can
explain the fact that thousands of cops did not manage to stop a handful of
violent protesters. Yesterday they mixed themselves up with the crowd and
stared throwing stones so that the police could justify firing back into
the crowd. Today we did not fall the trick, and we spotted them" 

A member of parliament in Venice, Beppe Caccia, claims to have photographs
too: "The forces supplied the incendiary bottles. Analyzing the dynamics of
the riot, we can easily demonstrate how the provoking agents were planted
to stir up the havock".


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Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2001 12:01:37 +0200
From: florian schneider <>
Subject: imc genoa being attacked by police

[maybe for the next for the imc-raid digest /fls]

Von: Anna <>


you probably have an idea by now of what's happened here in genoa. it's
10 am in the morning now, and we try to get an overview of how many
people were actually arrested and how many are hurt. there are a lot of
very serious injuries, and, as always, people were arrested out of the
hospital. i won't repeat the whole thing here now - have a look at the
indymedia websites.

so far we have no clue why this happened, other then that you can get
reactions if you start annoying the authorities.

i'd like to ask everyone to raise awareness, contact italian embassies
to make them know people are watching, contact your foreign offices to
ask them to make their embassies here italy make sure the arrested get
out of there soon and the injured get treated properly.

it seems some of the embassies say that they don't know about people of
their respective nationalities being arrested and/or hurt. the media
start reporting that we apparently smashed a police station either
before or after their attack which is a lie. also they report about very
few or no arrestes and injuries which also is a lie.

i'll probably write more later, but then you can find a lot on the web.
we're in a state of shock as you can probably imagine.

contact us if you have questions. we'll be here today but might have to
clear out of the building later.


coyote-l mailing list 
kein mensch ist illegal NEWS

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Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2001 17:07:08 +0200
From: Patrice Riemens <>
Subject: more news on Genoa

As and are deluged both by work (in
almost impossible circumstances after tonight's bloody raids) and hits, I
find one can get a lot of valuable up to date information from other
alternative sites: (in French) (in Castilian)

Also more and more info & comments, and none too pleasant for the 
authorities, on the La Reppubblica (mainstream paper) website: (in Italian)

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From: "Lorenzo Taiuti" <>
Subject: SmallTalkG8= COLOURS!!
Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2001 18:10:06 +0200

The G8 in Genova has begun with strong esthetic problems like the city/look.

So COLOURS is maybe the right concept problem of Genova G8.

- BLUE Mr.Berlusconi choosed (in strong contrast with all the other G8 
people) a Blue Dress.

Beeing "BLue" the Colour of his political party the choice will not be 

Besides blue is the perfect TV coulour.

It shoots on the screen expecially if contrasted with red. 
And RED carnations were very present both in the streets and TV programs.

RED  He was so young.

Carlo Giuliani was much younger than his 20 & something/years. & he was tiny.

I wonder how he lifted objects ( estintore?gas can they say?)  we saw in 
the photography.

He was not dressed in blue.

WHITE He had a white tee-shirt.

White & red make a beautiful contrast in TV.

So did the BLOOD on the white  tee-shirt.

- GREEN is the colour of Police Dress
& Green was everywhere in Genova.
Never seen since the seventies so much police in Italy for city manifestations.


Is that casual?Surely not.

BLACK Black is the coulour of the Black Blocks.

Do they really think they are so smart?

Don't "Italians do it better?" (Madonna 1987 tee-shirt)


BUT black is the colour of the special sections in the police.

Who is guilty of the DEAD ONE??




RED Furtherfield on Sindycate underlines that lots of activists have been 
murdered by police but in other countries.

The father of Carlo Giuliani ( a Trade union man very engaged with work
& city problem) said that the young policeman who shot his son should
not be considered & judged as a killer.


RED IS the most becoming tv Colour.

Now whe know it's the winner.

Lorenzo Taiuti

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Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2001 17:51:05 +0200
From: jaromil <>
Subject: [ -ALLSORTS-IMC and GSF raids - one shocking 
     eyewitness report from Genoa]

date: Sun, 22 Jul 2001 17:17:09 +0100
from: ALLSORTS <>
subject: -ALLSORTS-IMC and GSF raids - one shocking eyewitness report
  from Genoa

Star Hawk's eyewitness report

Day Two. StarHawk's eyewitness report of midnight raids of Italy 
Independent Media Center and Genoa Social Forum. July 21 is the correct 
date in North America for the time the raids occured. But in Genoa the 
raids went from around midnight to 2 AM July 22, 2001 according to the 


Genoa 7/21

By Starhawk

I think I'm calm, that I'm not in shock, but my fingers are trembling as I 
write this. We were up at the school that serves as a center for media, 
medical and trainings. We had just finished our meeting and were talking, 
making phone calls, when we heard shouts and sirens and the roar of people 
yelling, objects breaking. The cops had come and they were raiding the 
center. We couldn't get out of the building because there were two many 
people at the entrance. Lisa grabbed my hand and we went up, running up the 
five flights of stairs, up to the very top. Jeffrey joined us, people were 
scattering and looking for places to hide. We weren't panicking but my 
heart was pounding and I could hardly catch my breathe. We found an empty 
room, a couple of tables, grabbed some sleeping bags to cover our heads if 
we got beaten. And waited. Helicopters were buzzing over the building, we 
could hear doors being slammed and voices shouting below, then quiet. 
Someone came in, walked around, left. I couldn't seem to breath deep and I 
had an almost uncontrollable cough—but I controlled it.

I lay there remembering we had lots and lots of people sending us love and 
protection and I was finally able to breathe. The light went on. Through a 
crack between the tables, I could see a helmet, a face. A big Italian cop 
with a huge paunch loomed over us. He told us to come out. He didn't seem 
in beating mode, but we stayed where we were, tried to talk to him in 
English and Spanish and the few Italian words I know: "paura" "fear" and 
"pacifisti." He took us down to the third floor, where a whole lot of 
people were sitting, lined up against the walls. We waited. Someone came 
in, demanding to know whether there was someone there from Irish Indy 
media. We waited. Lawyers arrived: The police left. For some arcane reason 
of Italian law, because it was a media place we had some right to be there, 
although the school across the street was also a media center and they went 
in there and beat people up. We watched for a long time out the windows. 
They began carrying people out on stretchers. One, Two, a dozen or more. A 
crowd had gathered and were shouting "Assessini! Assesini!" The brought out 
the waking wounded, arrested them and took them away. We believe they 
brought someone out in a body bag.

The crowd below was challenging the cops and the cops were challenging the 
crowd and suddenly a huge circle of media gathered, bright camera lights. 
Monica, who is hosting us and is with the Genoa Social Forum, came up and 
found us. She'd been calling embassies and media and may have saved us from 
getting hurt once the cops finished with the first building. All the time 

there were helicopters thrumming and shining bright lights into the 
building. A few brave men were holding back the angry crowd, who seemed 
ready to charge the line of riot cops that was formed up in front of the 
school, shields up and gas masks on. "Tranquilo, tranquilo," the men were 
saying, holding up their hands and restraining the angry crowd from a 
suicidal charge. I was on the phone home, then back to the window, back to 
the phone. Finally, the cops went away. We went down to the first floor, 
outside, heard the story. They had come in to the rooms where people were 
sleeping. Everyone had raised up their hands, calling out "pacifisti! 
Pacifist!" And they beat the shit out of every person there. There's no 
pretty way to say it. We went into the other building: there was blood at 
every sleeping spot, pools of it in some places, stuff thrown around, 
computers and equipment trashed. We all wandered around in shock, not 
wanting to think about what is happening to those they arrested, to those 
they took to the hospital. We know that they have arrested everyone they 
take to the hospital, taken people to jail and tortured them. One of the 
young Frenchmen from our training, Vincent, had his head badly beaten on 
Friday in the street. In jail, they took him into a room, twisted his arms 
behind his back and banged his head on the table. Another man was taken 
into a room covered with pictures of Mussolini and pornography, and 
alternately slapped around and then stroked with affection in a weird 
psychological torture. Others were forced to shout, "Viva El Duce!" ! ! 
Just in case it isn't clear that this is Fascism. Italian variety, but it 
is coming your way. It is the lengths they will go to to defend their 
power. It's the lie that globalization means democracy. I can tell you, 
right now, tonight, this is not what democracy looks like.

I've got to stop now. We should be safe if we can make our way back to 
where we're stayiing. Call the Italian Embassy. Go there, shame them! We 
may not be able to mount another demonstration tomorrow here if the 
situation stays this dangerous. Please, do something! 

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