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<nettime> marsthematics

Dear nettimers,

I'm working on a series of small articles about artistic and scientific
concepts And I would like to publish this first one (others will follow)
in nettime. The idea is to establish with a friend in Peru a regular
exchange on this issue with the aim to build a warm-time-machine.

Unity-Idiology: Imagine a world where calculations are different? With
their new album Idiology Cologne Pop-Band mouse on mars work on favourite
of a modified view on calculations and mathematics. 

Track 9 “unity-concepts” is devoted to “marsthematics”. marsthematics
stands for mathematics on the mars.  This approach to calculation is
different from the current digital one. The vocals of “unity-concepts” are
difficult to understand. The voice is charming and clear and seductive.
But one gets the meaning of the spoken words only by permanent rewinding
or simply by reading the text on the CD-tray. marsthematics find their
roots in a struggle on the foundations of mathematics at the beginning
20th century. In this struggle two concepts were fighting for the right
view on mathematics. One that with David Hilbert works with the concept of
correct operation and another with Luitzen Brouwer that keeps track of the
meaning. The struggle did make Turing conceive the Turing-machine and the
turing-mashine did lead to digitial computing devices. Digital stands for
discretness and exact distinction between one step and the other.
marsthematics do open a way for a different view on the relation between
one and the other. marsthematics focus on the connecting force. The vocals
say: “The one that if it is seen with others it is in the position to
become more than one”. Here a thought of Brouwer is reformulated. Brouwer
argues that the connection and not the discretness is first. Only at
second place the split into one and the other occurs and numbers and
calculation become possible.

mouse on mars’ Idiology is an example of marsthematical music. The
soundfiles used by andi thoma, dodo nkishi, and jan werner are all
constructed. Constructed that does imply that every step of the sound
production is retracable to “Eigen” (selfmade)-sounds. They are all
produced by the musicians.  The opposite of construction is sampling of
found or copied material.  But is this information interesting? I doubt
that because it does reinforce distinctions and not connections ( between
construction and sampling, between one and the others). Instead of
informations about distinctions one should look for ideas of connection.
The connection between mouse on mars and Brouwers constructivism is
scholastic, it remains scholastic even in the context of Deleuze and
Guattaris Mille Plateus, where Brouwer is worshipped as a nomad.
marsthematical constructivism becomes inspiring looking at the context of
mouse on mars. A part from their career they do build a network of strange
musicians that support each other viceversa. For more information: For more: on aethetics and problems of science:

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