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<nettime> Announcements [17]

Table of Contents:

   July 4th Adbusters Culture Jam in DC                                            
     Jonathan Prince <>                                       

   bauhaus radio reader                                                            
     Ralf Homann <>                                  

   Esther Dyson calls for GLOBAL PARTIES OF THE INTERNET                           
     "Paul Hilder" <>                                   

   Anoyances are  temporary, improvements are permanent                                                                          

   [ot] [!nt] \n2+0\                                                                                                                    

   Public Talk on IT, Cooperation and Conflict Across Boundaries                   
     "geert lovink" <>                                                

   i love u "plovdiv" july issue 2001                                              
     Redaktion <>                                                

   signwave auto-illustrator b0.4-r19                                                                                              

   Ariel Sharon petition                                                           
     "nohave <--i-->" <>                                               

   Adelaide Festival of Ideas - this weekend                                                                                     

   via Geert Lovink                                                                
     "carey young" <>                                         


   Mark Amerika Retrospective                                                      
     Kristine Feeks <>                                              

   Science & Technology award                                                      
     "Pirelli INTERNETional Award's Technical Committee 2001" <>

     "Elayne Zalis" <>                                          

   fwd: 'free party' vids wanted                                                   
     Sean Healy <>                                                

   Re: <nettime> Announcements [x3]                                                
     Yukihiko Yoshida <>                                      


Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2001 09:54:22 -0400
From: Jonathan Prince <>
Subject: July 4th Adbusters Culture Jam in DC

We had too much fun :-)

- -- 

Jonathan Prince  - rants/quotes/links - a meta/photoblog
'Technology could save the World from itself,
    providing it is properly used' Buckminster Fuller


Date: Fri, 06 Jul 2001 05:07:36 +0200
From: Ralf Homann <>
Subject: bauhaus radio reader


The Bauhaus in Weimar is the first university in Germany which has
founded a Faculty of Media. Visual and auditive media are getting the
same attention and the dispute on media is dealing with art, theory and
technology. The chair for Experimental Radio, which was established in
1999, is the only one in Germany which teaches radio in the context of
fine arts. This artistic practice is understood as an open field which
supports interdisciplinary approaches, in the range from aesthetic
operations, newest technological developments and even political
The request of the Bauhaus Radio Reader is to give the students the
opportunity for a self-determined recess on international discourses.
There is a special emphasis on texts which locate radio in arts, in the
culture of streaming media or which help the students to analyse the
history and development of radio. The Radio Reader is first of all meant

for the Bauhaus radio department and could be turned into a real book if

we all think that it is worth presenting it to a publishing house. Other

schools can of course use the reader too. The collection of essays
should be copy left so that everyone can use it and it works more as an
open source for the dispute which allows additions and inconsistence.
A board of editors who overview by virtue of their outstanding knowledge

and experience in the field of radio, art and media theory will be
adressed to sample the texts. The selection will run by a small
email-list and for further discussion collected at
The Radio Reader should be seen a small, informal (xerox) follow-up
of the Semiotext(e) publication Radiotexte, edited in 1992 by Neil
Strauss. There is no contemporary radio reader available at the moment
which reflects what happened to radio in the nineties. It could therefor

be good to discuss together which key texts there are these days which
deal with "broad radio", a re-invention of radio in the age of digital
technologies, electronic music hype, the Internet, mp3, the further
spreading of micro, free and pirate radios and the rave/club scene and of course. We could also include a few examples such as B92
but also Ruanda (where radio played a very dubious role). Then there is
of course the
section of classic radio texts (which keep on being rediscovered)
and examples how artists deal with radio.

Below-mentioned editors have already agreed:

Josephine Bosma,
Hank Bull,
Ralf Homann
DeeDee Halleck
Douglas Kahn
Tetsuo Kogawa
Geert Lovink
Pit Schultz
Dirk Snauweart
Friedrich Tietjen


during the second yearly festival type=radio~border=0² - space to move -

(2nd july - 8th july 2001 - ) at bauhaus-university
there will be a chat discussing the reader.


friday: 06.07, 10:00 - 19:00 CET
lectures about
10:00 micz flor, mama; campsite, content management, open soucrce
14:00 mama, zagreb;
15:00 micz flor, praha;
16:00 dfm rtv int, amsterdam; introduction
17:00 elisa rose, gary danner, station R.O.S.E., frankfort/main
18:00 ASCII on radio 100, amsterdam;
20:00 T03K; lag
saturday: 07.07, afternoon
performance: sasker scheerder, josephin bosma, amsterdam


Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2001 18:20:34 +0100
From: "Paul Hilder" <>
Subject: Esther Dyson calls for GLOBAL PARTIES OF THE INTERNET

Dear all,

to let you know: we @ openDemocracy have just published a big interview with
Esther Dyson. URL here:

Eastern European icon? Right-wing NWOer? Peripatetic meme of self-organising
networks? Corporate stooge? She's been called many things.

But what's really interesting is that she's now calling for global political
parties for ICANN. She's all for the elected at-large membership but she
thinks it needs to be more broad-based and accountable - and structured!

Quite a change for this former chair of the EFF, who thought in '94 that the
net would wither away political parties and replace them with loose, ad-hoc
affiliations... is she right or wrong? Is ad-hoccery not scaleable into
global democracy? lots of questions...

Ask her questions onsite about the idea or anything else, and she'll
respond. Speak to power! - or at least, to one of the root servers of the
power network...


Paul Hilder


Date: 6 Jul 2001 10:02:41 -0700
Subject: Anoyances are  temporary, improvements are permanent

Museo Carrillo Gil
June 27th - August 5th, 2001 
Mexico City 

"Las molestias son temporales, las mejoras permanentes" (Anoyances are  
temporary, improvements are permanent) is a curatorial experiment in which  
10 artists will develop pieces during the process of lighting installation  
on the Museum's third floor. 
This event is an exploration in the Museum space which proposes another  
perspective as opposed to the white cube as the referential context for art.  
In this case, the works are exposed and integrated to the natural movements  
and matters of every day life, thus providing a vision interrupted by noise  
and dust in a simultaneous change of context. 
The project, which is a collaboration between Museum, artists and  workers,  
imitates the process of art on the web, whose elements are in constant	
transformation.  In this case, each agent is altered by the activities of  
each one of the other actors in their temporary cohabitation. 
Participating artists: Sofía Táboas, Pedro Reyes, HCRH, Acamonchi, José León  
Cerrillo, Atlético, Miguel Calderón, Ismael Merla, Tamañ, Stefan Brüggemann. 
This project was curated by Mario García Torres. 

1.enconstruccion#ID:924mario garcia torres13.5.2001http://www.enconstr 
uccion.org http://www.enconstruccion.orgh 
onstruccion.org_las molestias son temporales, las mejoras permanentes_ 
text and articles about: (full text search on veryb publications) nothing found. -sorry exhibitions / events for:

Get your free email with GroupWeb Worldmailer at Send and receive e-mail 
from any computer with a web browser.


Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2001 17:40:34 +0200 (CEST)
Subject: [ot] [!nt] \n2+0\

o the quivering wing of affectation. o the tumult in my soul.

do find self unwilling + unable to indulge that
inkompetent + lazy + korporat fascist exploiters 
e.g. ircam serfs wish. 

for simply - they not the parallel brain cells have 
my meaning to kompute [may explain their present position + gender]
so be it. my eyes tear less lest one knows the truth in them.

forward this + all of my transmissions to your master as desired - you may so do.
i may post to this state funded forum as i well wish when wish how i wish.
as every one else so may do. 

simply because your masters have decided how you must live one should not.must not.will not
conclude + automatically others obligated are korporat fascist slaves like you become.
fin - else 100 martian elephants on me shall walk and now.

[you lose]

i lokate self at simply.superior coordinates to decide 
that which my desires satisfies - not you.
making your memories stick. not you.

my suggestion to konsum 01+ kalmant is. have a seat and admire me.

it would a monumental victory be - for all french citizenz - if you
the unwashed amalgam at ircam became as superb as i and stopped throwing
their money into the atmosphere.

to - you are a testament to the great scientifik 
m9nds of our day monsieur. i salute your astonishing career - gaze up at the 
luminous cosmos and deklare. o that you may be god.

friendly. nn

Emmanuel Rio - and what may thou be. a kloned sheep +?
               tis unforgivable. for this the pyramids were raised +?
               velikovskian katastrofism. 

Francois Dechelle <>

>Emmanuel Rio wrote: 
>>         Hello,
>>         I complain about the behaviour of on the
>> jmax list, since he/she/they fill the list with undoubtedly very
>> interesting messages which have however no relation with our topic, and
>> which are most of time ununderstandable. I'm really tired of these silly
>> mails which are very courageously addressed to,
>> or, and I propose the exclusion of this
>> mail sender (and all the phantom ones which will certainly appear
>> afterwards), and the erasure of all the messages still remaining on the
>> archive ( ).
>>         What about you?
>>         Emmanuel Rio
>> --
>> +---------------------------------------+
>> | Emmanuel Rio                          |
>> | R&D Engineer                          |
>> +---------------------------------------+
>> | Projet Listen - |
>> | Département Acoustique des Salles     |
>> | IRCAM -          |
>> | 1, Place Igor Stravinsky              |
>> | 75004 PARIS                           |
>> +---------------------------------------+
>> |          |
>> | tel : +33 1 44 78 48 26               |
>> | fax : +33 1 44 78 15 40               |
>> +---------------------------------------+
>The amount of messages adressed to the list by integer@... does 
>not respect the list policy, that I have adressed to the list and 
>that I recall below. I kindly asked some time ago integer@... to 
>limit the number of posts and to use the list, which has 
>been created for this purpose. As you have noticed, this has remained 
>without effect.
>Furthermore, recent messages from integer@... do not respect the
>[OT] header in subject.
>François Déchelle
>Reminder of jMax list policy, posted Thu, 16 Nov 2000:
>. Hello,
>. Due to recent abuses of the list, the mailing list will now
>. obey the following policy:
>.  - list posting is closed, i.e. posting to the list is restricted to list 
>. members. If you have not subscribed to the list, you cannot post to the list.
>.  - subscribing to the list will be moderated.
>. The list is dedicated to the jMax software. Off-topic posts
>. are allowed, as long as they remain in limited amount and they concern
>. things that are slightly related to jMax. Off-topic posters are kindly
>. asked to add an [OT] tag in subject.
>. This changes are immediate. You are invited to check that the address
>. that you use for posting is the same as your subscribing address. If
>. these addresses don't match, your posts will be rejected.


Date: Sat, 7 Jul 2001 07:41:10 +1000
From: "geert lovink" <>
Subject: Public Talk on IT, Cooperation and Conflict Across Boundaries

From: "matzner" <>
Sent: Friday, July 06, 2001 11:43 PM
Subject: Public Talk on IT, Cooperation and Conflict Across Boundaries

 Dear Collegue,

Here is an announcement of a public talk to be held in Berkeley the week
after next.  Please pass it on to anyone whom you think it might interest,
especially in the Bay Area.


Deborah Matzner

- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
- ------------------------------------
"Information Technologies, Cooperation and Conflict Across Boundaries"
A discussion with John Seely Brown, Chief Scientist, Xerox Corporation;
Whitfield Diffie, Distinguished Engineer, Sun Microsystems; and Saskia
Sassen, Ralph Lewis Professor of Sociology, University of Chicago
Monday, July 16th, 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. The Toll Room, Alumni House, UC
Berkeley Campus (south side, east of the Haas Pavilion)

This talk is organized by the Social Science Research Council's program on
Information Technology, International Cooperation, and Global Security
(ITIC) in conjunction with its Summer Research Collegium being hosted at the
University of California, Berkeley.

The ITIC program, a part of the SSRC's new initiative to address information
technologies using social science, is directed by the ITIC Committee chaired
by Dr. Sassen and consisting of:

Hayward Alker, School of International Relations, UCLA; John Seely Brown,
Chief Scientist, Xerox Corporation; Dorothy Denning, Computer Science
Department, Georgetown University; Dieter Ernst, East-West Center; Jane
Fountain, JFK School of Government, Harvard University; Linda Garcia,
Communication, Culture, and Technology program, Georgetown University; Dina
Iordanova, Centre for Mass Communication Research, University of Leicester;
Margaret Keck, Political Science, Johns Hopkins University; Robert Keohane,
Political Science, Duke University; Rohan Samarajiva, Department of
Technology, Policy, and Management, Delft University of Technology; Nigel
Thrift, School of Geographical Sciences, University of Bristol; Steven
Weber,  Political Science, UC Berkeley; and, Barry Wellman, Centre for Urban
and Community Studies, University of Toronto.

The program is staffed by director Robert Latham and program assistant
Deborah Matzner.  For further information, see or
contact Deborah at

Deborah Matzner
Information Technology, International Cooperation
and Global Security
Social Science Research Council
810 Seventh Ave.
New York, NY 10019 USA
tel: 212-377-2700 ext. 440
fax: 212-377-2727


Date: Sat, 07 Jul 2001 15:21:07 +0200
From: Redaktion <>
Subject: i love u "plovdiv" july issue 2001

dear loverz

Copyleft Attitude : the Free Art license

Free Art license
[ Copyleft Attitude ]

version 1.1

Preamble: see at
With this Free Art License, you are authorised to copy, distribute and
freely transform the work of art while respecting the rights of the
Far from ignoring the author's rights, this license recognises them and
protects them.
It reformulates their principle while making it possible for the public
to make creative use of the works of art. Whereas current literary and
artistic property
rights result in restriction of the public's access to works of art, the

goal of the Free Art License is to encourage such access.

The intention is to make work accessible and to authorise the use of its

resources by the greatest number of people: to use it in order to
increase its use, to create newconditions for creation in order to
multiply the
possibilities of creation, while respecting the originators in according

them  recognition and defending their moral rights.

In fact, with the arrival of the digital age, the invention of the
Internet and free software, a new approach to creation and production
has made its appearance. It also encourages a continuation of the
of experimentation undertaken by many contemporary artists.

Knowledge and creativity are resources which, to be true to themselves,
must remain free, i.e. remain a fundamental search which is not directly

related to a concrete application. Creating means discovering the
means inventing a reality without any heed to realism.
Thus, the object(ive) of art is not equivalent to the finished and
defined art object.
This is the basic aim of this Free Art License:
to promote and protect artistic practice free from the rules of
themarket economy.

July issue 2001: "plovdiv"

monthly appearing e-zine for multimedia art,
monthly changing subject, no-commerce platform for cyber-artists,
photographers, screen-designer, e-musicians, movie-makers,


our snailmail:
i love u ezine
kellergaesslein 7
CH-4051 Basel
Switzerland / Europe

die redaktion see editorial at http://www.i-love-u.c

To unsubscribe, write (subject: unsubscribe)

Next month's theme:


feel free to join us and to send contributions to


Date: Sun, 8 Jul 2001 01:49 +0100
Subject: signwave auto-illustrator b0.4-r19

    w  b0.4-r19


Date: Sun, 8 Jul 2001 17:27:20 +0200
From: "nohave <--i-->" <>
Subject: Ariel Sharon petition

hello all;
under following adress is the Petition for International
Committee on Ariel
Sharon's crimes against humanity to Mrs. Mary Robinson, UN
High Commissioner
for Human Rights, which has just been recently circulated.
the adress is:
Der Aktien-Service, der für Sie aktiv ist! Automatische Berechnungen, 
Mail-Benachrichtigung. Für Ihre Bedürfnisse!


Date: Mon, 9 Jul 2001 16:13:22 +0930
Subject: Adelaide Festival of Ideas - this weekend

For the interest of people who happen to be in Adelaide, Australia this
weekend?!  ...

- ---------------------- Forwarded by Amanda McDonald Crowley/Adelaide Festival on
09/07/2001 15:10 --------------------------- on 09/07/2001 11:02:07

To:   Alison Dunn/Adelaide Festival@Adelaide Festival, Amanda McDonald
      Crowley/Adelaide Festival@Adelaide Festival

r e c o n c  i l i a t i o n * w a t e r  *  p o p u l a t i o n * a d d i c t i
o n * i n t o x i c a t i o n

Don't miss the Adelaide Festival of Ideas 2001 12 - 15 July

big issues...great speakers.....provocative discussion

Details of all the evening sessions are below --  for full biogs on the speakers
and tickets to the evening sessions go to

here's the evening program....

Thursday 12 July at 8pm, Adelaide Town Hall
RIP: Reconciliation In Paralysis?
Sir Ronald Wilson (opening address)
Rick Farley         Jackie Huggins
Mbuelo Mzamane Jacob Rumbiak
Chair: Phillip Adams

Friday 13 July at 8pm, Adelaide Town Hall
Good Drugs, Bad Drugs:
The human face of addiction
Nicholas Cowdery    Alfred Mc Coy
Virginia McGowan    Sadie Plant
Sulak Sivaraksa
Chair: Peter Sellars

Saturday 14 July at 8pm Elder Hall
Has science abolished God?
Rodney Brooks       Raimond Gaita
Owen Gingerich      Bishop Shelby Spong
Margaret Wertheim
Chair: Paul Davies

Sunday 15 July at 5pm Elder Hall
The 21st Century:
How much water, how many people?
Tim Flannery        Raimond Gaita
Regina Schwartz     Vandana Shiva
Mary White          Warren Wood
Chair: Julie McCrossin

thank you, and hope to see you at the Adelaide Festival of Ideas

Alison Dunn
Marketing Director
Adelaide Festival
105 Hindley Street Adelaide 5000


Date: Mon, 09 Jul 2001 10:31:17 -0000
From: "carey young" <>
Subject: via Geert Lovink


Geert recommended I send this info to you / the list


- -------

The Communications Department

14 July - 12 August

Anthony Wilkinson Gallery
242 Cambridge Heath Road, Bethnal Green, London E2 9DA
tel +44 20 89802662 / fax +44 20 8701286531 /

Matthew Arnatt			Art Club 2000
Bernadette Corporation		Stanley Donwood & Tchock
Liam Gillick			Richard Hawkins
Imprint 93			Gareth Jones
Jeff Koons			Mark Lombardi
the Medea group			Martha Rosler
®™ark				Alex Veness
Carey Young

	                                                              curated by 
Alex Farquharson

“At one time artists had only to whisper into the ear of the King or Pope to 
have political effect. Now they must whisper into the ears of millions of 
										Jeff Koons

The Communications Department presents a range of ways artists respond to 
the omnipresence / omnipotence of corporate images.

The word ‘Lifestyle’ evokes branded lives, as if marketers have succeeded 
where avant-garde artists, who sought a fusion of art and life, failed. Like 
art, brands now communicate through every available media onto every 
available surface - the conventional billboard or magazine ad is to modern 
marketing techniques what painting or sculpture is to contemporary art. At 
the same time, like much ambitious art of the last century, the big brands 
have moved in on all aspects of our public and private lives and values, be 
it education, government, spirituality, welfare, health, the arts, public 
space, the environment, identity, subculture, political resistance. The  
most successful have acquired the aura of universal abstract truths: Coke, 
we know, is ‘the real thing’, and Diesel’s ‘for successful living’ (Liam 
Gillick attempts to paint true Coke brown in his neo-Platonic wallpainting 
“Inside now, we walked into a room with Coca-Cola walls”).

What is left for the artist to do, and what space is there left to occupy? 
Are corporations the master communicators today, in the way that artists 
were when they were in the service of monarchs and the church? Is it 
possible to act outside brand influences, or can their messages and systems 
be re-appropriated and détourned? Are artists able to clear the 
smokescreens? Where do art, advertising and activism begin and end, and what 
are their ‘relational aesthetics’?

Some artists in the Communications Department appear seduced by the 
brilliance and sophistication of the most innovative brands, leaving viewers 
to decide for themselves  whether their appropriations and alliances are a 
form of political critique, or deconstruction of what are conventionally 
regarded as the differences between art and advertising. In the trajectory 
running from Jeff Koons to Art Club 2000 to Bernadette Corporation and Carey 
Young, the distinctions between the conceptual practices of artists and 
those of corporate image-makers seem entirely eroded, suggesting that the 
notion of the avant-garde is now coporately owned. The Communications 
Department features Koons’s late 80s Art Magazines Ads, AC2K’s mid 90s 
fashion shoots (Gap  etc), and Bernadette’s on-going fashion magazine ‘Made 
in the USA’.

Young creates a new work for the show - a 'visioning workshop' held between 
a leading business strategist and the gallery directorship, with the aim of 
imagining new market possibilities for the gallery by questioning existing 
assumptions about art and the artist. The work, which will be for sale 
during the show, will exist in the gallery as the videoed documentation and 
detritus of the meeting.

®™ark are a legally constituted corporation acting as an umbrella company on 
the Internet for anti-corporate activists, matching ‘culture jamming’ 
proposals with funders and implementors. Stanley Donwood and Tchock have 
turned EMI’s exhaustive marketing report on the success or otherwise of 
their promotional artwork for Radiohead into embossed gallery wallpaper. 
Martha Rosler’s film ‘Chile on the road to NAFTA’ adopts the aesthetics of 
the road movie to ask what is free about international free trade alliances. 
Alex Veness* shows paintings commissioned from  commercial artists working 
in Export Processing Zones in China of photographs of workers performing 
menial tasks on the yachts and estates of the super affluent in Antigua.

The Medea group plot the covert web of corporate and political  alliances 
determining the flow of global capital (and, in addition, the art world’s 
own networks), on promotional display panels. Imprint 93’s ready-made, an 
extraordinary VIP list for ‘Die Young Stay Pretty’ at the ICA, is a sign of 
how the corporate ethos is beginning to be applied to the marketing of art 
in public venues - gone are the days of press officers; the phenomenon of 
Communications Departments in galleries and museums implies that art itself 
doesn’t communicate, or that institutions would rather it didn’t.

The ubiquity and persuasiveness of brands, and the question of what space is 
left for the artist, are perhaps most concisely considered by two of the 
least socio-political works in the Department: Richard Hawkins’s collage of 
Marky Mark at pelvic level wearing Calvin Kleins surrounded by a 19th 
century print of a romantic seascape; and a small floor sculpture consisting 
of the white underwear elastics of every one of Gareth Jones’s Calvin 
Kleins. These physically modest works suggest new formal / private / 
symbolic identities for this powerful brand that weren’t in the advertiser’s 

Carey Young’s work is supported by Xerox, East England Arts and Year of the 

*late addition - name not on card

Get Your Private, Free E-mail from MSN Hotmail at


Date: Mon, 09 Jul 2001 23:19:24 -0400
Subject: announcement

ladies and gentlemen,

the institution of life.a-domesticguide has been,
since the date of august 27 of the year 2000, and on each seventh day
thereafter, dutifully providing guidance.

the snakus household - authors of the guidance - will, in the midst of
heat and humidity, take a vacation for recuperation and
self-maintenance for a period of 2 x 7 days, while mr. knightley works
hard to finalize his book of remorse.

the institution of life.a-domesticguide would therefore invite acute
minds to continue our cause of service,
during the absence of the snakus household.

your contribution will be much appreciated by the receivers of this
fatherly gossip and motherly mumbling.

please follow
to shed your light for two subsequent dates.

a mechanism has been deployed that your input will be outputted verily
on the date that the appropriate guidance is to be delivered.

very truly yours


Date: Mon, 09 Jul 2001 22:34:34 -0500
From: Kristine Feeks <>
Subject: Mark Amerika Retrospective



BOULDER, Colorado, July 2, 2001 -- Digital artist, novelist and web
publisher Mark Amerika, Founding Director of the Alt-X Online Network,
will have his first Japanese retrospective at the ACA Media Arts Plaza in
Tokyo, Japan. "Avant-Pop: The Stories of Mark Amerika" showcases much of
the early work Amerika pioneered during the Nineties. The
exhibition will launch on July 1, 2001 and run through September 10, 2001.

Amerika, who was recently named a "Time Magazine 100 Innovator" as part of
their continuing series of features on the most influential artists,
scientists, entertainers and philosophers into the 21st century, is the
creator or principial investigator of many Internet art projects including
GRAMMATRON, PHON:E:ME, HOLO-X, ALT-X, and the recent How To Be An Internet
Artist, all of which will be featured in the "Avant-Pop" exhibition in
Tokyo. A complete catalogue of essays and interviews with Amerika will
appear online in both English and Japanese translation.

According to Amerika, "The notion of an Avant-Pop cultural practice
evolved from my early work with artists, writers and critics in both
America and Japan, so it's only fitting that my first major show in Tokyo
would reflect this transnational cultural phenomenon and its effect on
both digital art and literature."

As part of the "Avant-Pop" exhibition, Amerika will be invited to Tokyo by
the Graphic Arts Society of Japan where he will present his work to the
general public.

Tracing Amerika's rapid emergence into the contemporary art world, web
mavens, art critics, historians and web surfers the world over have seen
his multi-media narratives work their way into various art and writing
scenes while being distributed through a wide array of formats including
hypertext, 3-D VRML environments, mp3 concept albums, ebooks, Palm Pilots,
live digital dramaturgy, and highly-acclaimed published novels.

His GRAMMATRON project ( was developed while he
was a Creative Writing Fellow and Lecturer on Network Publishing and
Hypertext at Brown University. Released in June 1997, it is one of the
most widely accessed art sites on the World Wide Web and in 2000 was one
of the first works of Internet art to ever be selected for the prestigious
Whitney Biennial of American Art.

Amerika was recently appointed to the Fine Arts faculty at the University
of Colorado at Boulder where he has been developing a cutting-edge Digital
Art curriculum. He is presently producing a new cross-media narrative
project, FILMTEXT, that will be a hybridized online/offline "story
experience" created as a net art site, a museum installation, a multimedia
ebook, and a series of live performances. One version of FILMTEXT will
appear in another upcoming retrospective of his work at the ICA in London
later this year.

The "Avant-Pop: The Stories of Mark Amerika" exhibition will be available
to the public at, as of July 1st, and is
sponsored by the Computer Graphics Society of Japan and the Agency for
Cultural Affairs in Japan.

The show is being curated by noted Net Art curator You Minowa.

For more information on this retrospective exhibition please send email to

For information on Mark Amerika or to schedule interviews please send
email to


Date: Thu, 05 Jul 2001 20:50:48 +0200
From: "Pirelli INTERNETional Award's Technical Committee 2001" <>
Subject: Science & Technology award

We are writing you because you are either a friend of ours, a Netizen, a scientist 
or a geek :-)

We are proud to announce the upcoming launch of the VI edition of the Pirelli 
INTERNETional Award (  

This year, the overall prize has increased to 80,000 Euros (more than US$65,000), 
for the first international multimedia competition entirely carried out on the 
Internet, on-line since 1996.

Having browsed your Web pages, we believe that you certainly have the means to 
participate in the VI edition of the Pirelli INTERNETional Award, and, in order 
to maximize your chances of winning, we invite you to contact us.

Being sponsored by a multinational company (which allows you to participate totally 
free of charge), our mission is to promote the spread of scientific and technological 

This year, the subjects for multimedia submissions are:

EDUCATIONAL MULTIMEDIA: for the best multimedia product directed at, or coming 
from, any educational institution from grade school to university.
Specifically, there are two subcategories:
- - a 15,000 Euros prize for the best scientific or technologically inclined multimedia 
work that contributes to the spread of knowledge at any level: this prize is 
OPEN to every citizen, organization or business of the world.
- - a 15,000 Euros prize for the best scientific or technologically inclined multimedia 
work that comes from an educational institution: this prize is RESERVED to any 
educational institution from grade school to university;

- - a 15,000 Euros prize for the best multimedia product that either describes 
the environment or serves to safeguard it: this prize is OPEN to every citizen, 
organization or business of the world; 
- - a 15,000 Euros prize for the best multimedia publishing product (Web magazine, 
article, essay, book.) on the subject of the environment: OPEN to every citizen, 
organization or business of the world.

SPECIAL JUNIOR AWARD: a 10,000 Euros prize for the best multimedia product, on 
any of the above subjects, presented by any candidate born after December 31st 

ADDED PRIZE: additional 10,000 Euros conferred by the Jury to the best of the 
above awarded submissions.  The winner of the 2001 Pirelli INTERNETional Award 
will therefore receive a total of 25,000 Euros.

Looking forward to your participation, we remain,

Yours Faithfully

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Technical Committee 2001
Pirelli INTERNETional Award

c/o Pirelli, Rome Office
Foro Romano, 3
00186 Rome, Italy

phone ++39 06 69517610
fax ++39 06 69517608

Netiquette: Being Internet-based, we naturally follow the rules of the Net: we 
have neither bought, nor acquired in any way other than browsing the Web your 
public e-mail address.  We are not bulk-mailing, we are just addressing those 
potential participants considered worth contacting. If you are not interested 
in our cultural initiative, please simply Reply with the word "REMOVE" in the 
subject line, and you will no longer hear from us; in this event, we are sorry 
for the intrusion.  On the other hand, if you would like more information on 
the Award, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Date: Mon, 9 Jul 2001 11:19:09 -0700
From: "Elayne Zalis" <>
Subject: Cybernovella

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(Please excuse cross-postings.)

A revised version of my cybernovella, 'Virtual Excursions: Miami / =
L.A.,' is online at I would welcome your =

Elayne Zalis,

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Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2001 11:20:38 +1000
From: Sean Healy <>
Subject: fwd: 'free party' vids wanted

From:"anna spanna" <>

two bits for u freeeparty ppl out there..

undercurrents [ ]

is making a moovie about the viral spread of free party kulcha thruout
europe, oz, and america.. anybody out there with footage of some kickin
doofs, or could do an interview for us, pls let us know : or

and one about WIKIS..

- ---------------------------n23news-------------------
- --- they know wutt is wutt - but dey yud-yud yadda yud ----
- ---*they jus yud* edition------------------------->>>>>>>

*positive project : network 23 help undercurrents to make a film on free

party culture
can you help?
*positive project 2: : useful services for a clear
thinking on-line community
Media Project - <>
- ------------o)----------------
This project has been a long time coming - it's huge. Apparently the BBC
up to something similar and it's going to be about 6 episodes.

I think the way the underground version can be better is by talking to
people that we actually involved in the whole root of it. It's easy to
punters who were swept up in the Rave and free party explosion. Some of
pioneers are easy to find that Colston-Talyor or whatever his name is
probably has an agent.

There have been some good books as well. Altered States and a new age
traveller book had good chapters on the early free party/traveller
cross-over. We'll try to get some background text information on the web


Now things have moved on a bit - free parties are pretty commonplace in
UK and have lost a bit of the rebellious nature. It will be good to

But Is it a victory for common sense or does the fact that the parties
to be small and sensible mean that a lot of the energy and power to
people's minds" has gone?
please comment on this.....

Free festivals are extremely rebellious in Europe. Have a look at what's

happening in France at the moment here. But some of the original spiral
pionneers who brought the music and movement to Europe are so disgusted
the lack of environmental respect of some ravers that they want to
disassociate themselves from the whole scene.

So are the French authorities justified in outlawing freeparties if the
people involved can't clear up after themselves?
Or are they taking advantage of negative media coverage of some events
end up a mess, and then outlawing all free gatherings despite the fact
most of them leave no trace of rubbish and end safely?
please comment on this.....

This summer sees a massive tour of the USA of free party sound systems
culture. What will happen here? Will the virus finally take root in a
way [outside of the SFBay area] in the States? The Rave movement is
but up to now has been a parody of "Kandy Ravers", a more commercial,
shallower, more innane approach to the whole deal.

Can free parties save AmeriKKKa from a future of increasing fuel
irresponsibility and international seperatism/exploitation?
Will the tour of the US this summer make Candy ravers wake up and
the miliarist society of which they are a product?
Tune in next month or more importantly use the comment board


- --------------o)---------------
Media/ Internet Project-

It's an online community providing useful communication tools.

It's a project that runs really close to the heart of what network 23
was created to try to do. A fully interactive communication channel.
Communication should be able to create a response in the person
it - and when that happens, it's great if they can come right back with
their own message. So this is exactly what Message and discussion boards
But this project takes the concept into something that is presented in a
of a nicer way. They've organised a Festival using this system and it
seems to work pretty well! The way it's written makes it really
to others as well.

The main project is <> It's a completely
volunteer run and maintained and provides mailing lists, webspace, and
interactive forums for those interested and involved with alternative
culture. The most exciting part of, in my opinion are

the wikis, which are collections perl-driven cgi pages which can be
edited, so that ANYONE reading a page on a wiki can add to it or change
content or make new pages. (Now how's that for an autonomous website?)

There are two wikis:

The Festival Wiki--

The Mission Statement Wiki (which would be of more interest and
to n23 folks, as the festival wiki was rather specific to a particular
purpose of organization)


I really think wikis are a radical new way to autonomize the web. They
very new developments (started up only a couple years ago) but have been

mostly used in technology and coding related fields. I think it's time
learned how autonomous they can be.

- -------------------o)-----------------


Date: Thu, 05 Jul 2001 16:14:58 +0900
From: Yukihiko Yoshida <>
Subject: Re: <nettime> Announcements [x3] 

Hello list,

I had an mistake in my mail.

>      NewPage  Currect.

Please keep in touch and supprt them

Best Wishes from TOKYO

Yukihiko YOSHIDA

> Their websites:
> Old Page
>      NewPage
> You can see some infomation and the processes of trouble
> ===== the text which released one year ago =======
> Dear Friends and Colleagues
> The future of Martha Graham's body of work, universal in its scope is in grave
> danger, and faces the very real prospect of extinction.  We, the dancers of the
> Martha Graham Dance Company and many of the dancers who preceded us, believe

snip-[please refer to last announcer]


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